I love me a good starve

The same question over and over again, “how can I lose weight?” That conversation inevitably turns into: “I’ve done the Atkins diet” “I’ve done the Zone diet” “I’ve done the 1 Day diet” “I’ve done the 3 Day diet” “I’ve done the 7-Day all you can eat diet” “I’ve done the chocolate diet” (Huh?) “I’ve done the Lemonade diet” “I’ve done the Lazy Zone … [Read more...]

No, I don’t go to church

I wanted to address the elephant in the room in this particular message.   Cancer victim, diabetic, suffer from fibromyalgia, lupus, anxiety, high blood pressure, smoking, hoarding, anorexia, dialysis. Hypochondriac, agoraphobic, germ-a-phobic, alcoholic, sex addict, drug addict, gambling addict, applause addict, caffeine addict, exercising addict, food addict, relationship addict. Drama queen, … [Read more...]

I’m considered a cycle pus$y

I’m considered a cycle pus$y!   Right into it we go- -I am signing up for this year’s AIDS Life Cycle ride. It’s in June. It’s from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Its 545 miles in 7 days.   I know , read it again! I decided to do it not because of the cause although a great one, but because well …..I can. Do I have a bike or any equipment? No. Do I have any riding experience on the road? … [Read more...]


I    H-A-T-E    LIARS!   LIARS! You know the type, all clean, shiny, bright, and promising, they bring hope, reel you in and gain your trust and then BAM! Ya’ got smacked in the head and after you wake up you find out you’ve been duped. Makes one feel like a fool, huh?   In fitness trust is critical, would you agree? With all the information out there it’s no wonder people are misguided … [Read more...]

What the hell is taco arm?

What the hell is taco arm? What’s a taco arm? Picture a taco shell, it folds, yes? Now see the folds in these arms.   We also have bingo-arm. It’s the back of your arm all the girls point to when they say they want to “get rid of this thing right here,” that when bingo is called out with the triumphant raising of the arm in the air, it jiggles. (BINGO….flap flap flap) Two things (among a myriad … [Read more...]

How massage can help with cold and flu

Massage can help reduce recovery time from a cold or flu from over 10 days down to as little as 2, in some cases even 1 day. Massage is an excellent ally in your fight against flu. The best way to fight against flu is to prevent it and massage does a great job in this matter. Massage Therapy helps prevent the flu in several ways:  Reduces the stress thus helping your body focus more on … [Read more...]

Are you Michigan J. Frog?

Are you Michigan J. Frog?   When there is no audience what do you do?  How do you live? What do you look forward to achieving? Do you float through time on the constant bewilderment of why you can’t seem to get it together? “When is it going to be my turn,” you say. But until then you feel anger toward those that are experiencing joy, you seethe with envy because your friend is getting … [Read more...]

“….but I just can’t seem to make it happen”

“….but I just can’t seem to make it happen.” You're kidding me, right? Clicking here for my Training Specials for 2012, you can make anything happen. But first let’s see what you do make happen:                                                                                         Taking kids from here to there. Important Shopping with money you don’t necessarily have. … [Read more...]

It’s gonna hurt, get over it

It's gonna hurt, get over it. I have the privilege of being a Les Mills instructor, right? Les Mills is the name of the company owning the Body Pump weightlifting format (among other amazing formats), and earning this title, learning the understanding and epitomizing the technique, integrity, precision, essence and real culture of Les Mills well.....hurts. . Once we have registered for … [Read more...]

Why would I make this 72 year old woman do this?

Why would I make this 72 year old woman do this? It was a dark; send shivers up my spine 43 degrees on my way to work Monday morning. I was headed to begin my day 5:30am at the gym, the group was warm and ready, the circuit was set, off we went. Station after station we trained the lower body as is custom every Monday, followed up by 5 different core stations. Gasping for breath, everyone … [Read more...]