20 Group-of-2 trainings


20 Group-of-2 trainings!

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Personal training can seem intimidating, especially if you’re new to it and often times, one just doesn’t know what to expect. You have the large bootcamps, jam-packed with people who have been going for a long time and do everything well and just kill it, and walking in as the “new person” can strike a fear and be intimidating. Then you have 1-on-1 training- -with somebody you haven’t ever met, you’ve never exercised before in your life and again, don’t know what to expect. This too can be intimidating. The solution:


20 Group-of-2 trainings!


  • You get to train with somebody you know!

  • The comfort level is instant and you feel at ease

  • Because you feel at ease, you can focus on your training

  • Your focus then goes to “how” you do the exercise

  • Trainer Annette is vigilant about supervising your exercise, ensuring proper movement

  • Through your great movement and knowing you’re doing things the right way you do not get injured

  • You don’t get injured, you keep on exercising

  • Your focus turns into passion

  • Because of your passion, you excel

  • And due to your excellence: YOU GET RESULTS!





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It doesn’t get better than this! $15 trainings-with a friend-with results and we would love to have you!

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