Oh dear, I struck a nerve the other day and PO’d somebody. Let me share the dirt

Oh dear, I struck a nerve the other day and PO’d somebody. Let me share the dirt.

A couple days ago I sent out a blog about my peeve on how to go about finding a personal trainer.  Well it struck a nerve and pissed off somebody, here’s what they had to say:

“There needs to be SOME trainers that have to learn about working with the older generation of clients that come from an athletic history but now struggle with personal trainers that treat us like we are either TOO young or TOO old..Ugh!   I need and want to reach my personal specific personal potential given some normal aging issues and injuries. I think it’s a whole untapped area of study for personal trainers. How about THAT for a peeve.?!   Hush hush..for your ears only…LOL…I am currently taking a 3 session personal training AND the first one made me feel inadequate and I feel my needs are not understood.  Ugh!”

GREAT POINTS HERE, lets address them.

“There needs to be SOME trainers that have to learn about working with the older generation of clients that come from an athletic history but now struggle with personal trainers that treat us like we are either TOO young or TOO old.”

o   I AGREE!! It takes time and experience working with many different people with their age differences, injuries, personalities, desires, disciplines, attitudes, internal drives and indelible spirits. THEN add in the different kinds of modalities & formats that the trainer has taken time and expense to learn, adapt and perfect, to be able to cater to the various clientele.

o   THERE ARE MANY WELL-QUALIFIED TRAINERS OUT THERE!! As mentioned in my peeve email, we must be searched out, interviewed, observed, and researched. It’s like looking for the best neurosurgeon on the planet for your child who needs brain surgery- -are you going to accept the first person brought to you to cut your kid’s head wide open? NO. You are going to search, get referrals, ask questions, etc., etc., etc., until you are satisfied and feel trust, and when trust is gained, the cost will be afforded.  So, why does it make it any different for you in finding a trainer? The situations are no different, not to me anyway.

“So,” you might be thinking, “why didn’t this person just hire you, Annette?” Understand first that this person and I DO have a good relationship. It’s because this person got railroaded at one of those big box gyms that sounds just like twenty-four hour fitness, was filled with hope, they built their trust and promised results without knowing who the trainer was going to be but rather matched the two up based only on a timeframe that worked for them both, (ahem….BULLSH1T!), all resulting in what this person described above. The big box gyms are a great place to learn one’s craft and build clientele to, get one started. Big boxes are limited. Big box gyms are there to make a dollar first, people come second, and in that arena, that means, last. “Last” because in the making of that dollar first, there is quota, products to sell- -it’s sales-driven, not people-driven.  Private training allows for so much more depth, scope, creativity and the ability to be 100% present for the “older generation of clients that come from an athletic history,” especially when the trainer has learned so much over the time, experience and passion for continual change and learning.

And now it’s time to toot my own horn:

  • I am “that” trainer. I can help you.
  • I’ve been in the industry since 1984. I’ve been in the gyms forever, started teaching classes and have seen all the changes along the way.
  • I’ve seen the differences in trainers and YES, we are in it to make a living. I mean seriously, who goes to work for free? HOWEVER, if the approach is people first, the income will follow.
  • I AM GREAT AT WHAT I DO because I see your heart. I see through the injuries and see your heart.
  • I can fix your shrugging shoulders.
  • I can fix your neck that juts forward.
  • I can fix the pain in your knees so you can squat again.
  • I can strengthen your core and end the back/sciatic/neck pain.
  • I can help you get back to golfing if that’s what you miss.
  • I can help you get back to your garden and protect your back.
  • There is just too much communication between my clients and myself resulting in a clear understanding of what is desired and we work with the current abilities, even if they are injured, and we find a way to merge their heart and soul and my expertise. We find results together.  

Not everybody is in their 20’s & 30’s who want to beat the crap out of themselves and tear the skin off the palms of their hands doing Crossfit.

Not everybody thinks “more is better” in those cookie-cutter bootcamps where thousands of squat jumps in one hour is the way to change. (It’s a perfect avenue for injury though).

Not everybody wants to run as part of their training. Not everybody can run.

Knee injuries, shoulder injuries, back injuries, wrist injuries, ankle injuries, hip replacements, rotator cuff repairs, ligament reconstruction, cervical spine pain, you name it. There are many injuries out there, and I have worked with many.

If you are ready to quit messing around with your health and gain vitality of living, come and grill me and you can be the judge if I understand your needs.  If I don’t know the answer I will get the answer. If you are ready to employ a team of ideas, (a game plan of exercise, different kinds of movement, massage, chiropractic where necessary, getting proper sleep, proper hydration, flexibility work, motivation, education and inspiration from me), you will heal. You will recover. You will move wholly again.

See my training programs by clicking here

I have the honor of working with two upcoming clients; one is a current one who will be undergoing a secondary hip-replacement, and another post-hip-replacement surgery person, after the rehab.

I am not afraid of you or your conditions. If you have a heart and a desire, we are all set.





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