What To Do AFTER A Cleanse

This has got to be one of my BIGGEST gripes with the cleanses out there on the market.

ZERO FOLLOW UP OR INSTRUCTION and people are left hanging, only to continue in misguidance and zero support, and then what they achieved during the cleanse is lost, only to return to worry, fear, no self-worth and an extra wight gain of ….30 lbs.


Well here’s the thing, I’m going to share with you, the exact ‘what to do after the RESET Challenge cleanse,’ in 3 options but first–

•You are in complete control of everything!

•Know that before and during the Challenge there are 16 days, sixteen days of coaching! This coaching is SPECIFICALLY geared to identify the true reasons of why cleanses ‘fail’, and how to forever allow in the empowered person you really are, beginning with this cleanse Challenge.

•Also know that its the coaching that makes the Challenges so successful! How well do you think Luke Skywalker would have done without Obe-Wan Kenobe  and Yoda behind his training and mentoring?

How well do you think your children would do in their sports without THEIR amazing coaches?

Now how well would you expect yourself to do on the RESET cleanse Challenge without the continual coaching and mentoring provided in it?

See my point?

Coaching and mentoring allows for a belief to be identified, recognized, centralized, generated, nurtured and fed and watered into a place of taking a firm stance for yourself and the power you already possess, but maybe cannot see.

And once this power is unleashed, there is only grace and ease to act selfishly, with a discipline and an integrity unto yourself.

Oh don’t worry, selfish is a good thing because if you are operating from an awesome level inside, everybody around you feels the love.  😉

The best part about acting with integrity and utilizing your enriched empowerment is that you will continually know that treating yourself with the utmost respect is now the new standard, and that a whole new level of commitment to yourself, actually doing things a little different is a gift for you, from you, to you!

•In your RESET cleanse kit you receive pharmaceutical-grade foods and vitamin supplements, all specifically prepared for your body to enjoy low glycemic (low sugar) eating, without the worry or question mark of “am I eating food that’s good for me?” You know, like when you go to the store and you aren’t really sure if what you’re buying IS good for you? USANA (this is the brand), has already taken are of all the guesswork and made it simple for you. The only part that is yours to get for the Challenge are your fresh fruits and veggies! So after the cleanse you can continue to enjoy all the great stuff you had DURING the cleanse, and much more. Here’s what in the RESET cleanse kit:

1. 15 Nutrimeal protein shakes (ask anybody, the DO taste great!), in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, 5 of each flavor.
2. 10 Power Bars
• 5 Peanut Butter Crunch
• 5 Oatmeal Raisin
3. 10 Packs of Health Pack vitamins, AM/PM packs
4. Instructional DVD-this is cool as it has, in addition to how to get the most out of RESET, is a 30-minute exercise program!
5. A way way cool magnet to place as a reminder that you’re in it to win it!

Now the ‘what to do after the cleanse’ in 3 options (be clear that ‘option’ means you DO have a choice, right?):

1. Invest $36.50 on yourself every month. This means buy more product from USANA, and the $36.50 is for more fabulous Nutrimeal protein powder. Its on an automatic billing, everything is handled for you. Of course USANA is completely ready to make everything easy and healthy for you, and in this easy, is the option of Autoship. (That’s the automatic billing and it goes straight to your door!). If you do not feel that your continued success is worth $36.50 every 30 days, there is an absolutely no hassle cancellation-really! This is the easiest way to go, you have the freedom of getting whatever you like, (most people get the Health Pack vitamins, Peanut Butter Crunch bars and Nutrimeal protein shakes every 30 days), and you are in control of everything!!

2. DON’T INVEST $36.50 on yourself every 30 days, and totally go for making all your yummy, low glycemic food for yourself with this awesome guide book called Low Glycemic Meals In Minutes. http://www.lowgimeals.com/category/tags/low_glycemic_meals_minutes.

This truly is an awesome option because on the honest–most of your time will be spent on shopping for your food, something you already do, right? These meals literally take ‘minutes’ to prepare. This option has a bit more ownership than option #1, simply because you’re choosing to buy and prepare your food instead of having it shipped to your door.

3. Go for a little of both options 1 and 2! You can prepare a few meals for the week and have planned a few for the week shipped to your door!

The point is to continue the success, and you ARE part of it, rather than the sabotage of “I didn’t know what to do and nobody told me what to do so all cleanses are just temporary and they’re crap,” kind of thing.

There are NO SECRETS to how to be successful with the jump start of the RESET cleanse Challenge or what to do after.


    To set you up for success I have prepared for you all the coaching, and you’ll receive it in via email in small, inspirational, educational and motivational gold nuggets to fuel you for 100% goal-achievement and the happy dance!

    See it here: http://absolute-fitness-results.com/usana-challenge.html

    In enlightenment and empowerment,

    Annette  🙂

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