I’m stuck at this weight and it seems like I’ve been here forever..ugh

I’m stuck at this weight and it seems like I’ve been here forever..ugh!


I hear ya, and the myriads of people, women in particular, who share this with me. In fact, this very phrase I quoted from an email sent to me just yesterday.


So what of it? I’m going to work to be concise with this one, focusing on the group of people I hear this from the most, women from about 32-50.


Girls, believe it or not our bodies start to change from around 22 years old, (oh and that’s not counting the entire puberty-at-101/2 years old thing like me), and on up to menopause, (adding insult to injury), and it usually shows up in the form of, (gleefully remembering and adding in the change in moods, sleep patterns,  and overall drive and zest for life in some), fat gut, flabby butt, back of arms that can be used as a weathervane if you just stick out your arm in the wind, wondering if there’s any relief in sight.


There is. There definitely is, and the ones who will find this difference will be part of the 2% of the population, who strives to learn and know everything there is to their particular changes, and since we won’t ever know everything, the freshening of information will continue to be discovered, resulting in us learning, adjusting, tweaking and enjoying every bit of life we engage in. Otherwise we grow stale in our Selves, and we all know where that leads- -to insulin injections, (diabetes), Prozac, (anxiety), Prednisone, (a steroid to suppress the immune system and inflammation), Synthroid, (thyroid), Ambien (sleeping pill), and you know there is no end to the list of drugs the pharmaceutical companies want you to believe to absolutely need, placing you under their control – -for life, when one of the easiest answers is…..TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF by taking the time to know how, before things get nasty and uncontrollable-feeling. OW.


So ladies, here it is, in simple, no-need-to-complicate-by-overthinking-procrastinating-I’ll-see-what-wikipedia-says-because-they-certainly-DO-live-inside-my-body-to-know-exactly-what’s-going-on, steps.

  1. Go see your doctor and get your hormones checked! CANNOT cannot cannot stress this enough. It is largely due to hormones, and the imbalance of them, that result in the “I’m stuck at this weight and it seems like I’ve been here forever..ugh!”, syndrome.
  2.  While you’re at it, get a blood panel. These two steps can be instrumental in knowing how to treat your body with what you need, with what your body needs.
  3. Find ways to de stress- -without another pill. Stress is a HUGE factor in the balance of our bodies. When overstressed physically the body cannot provide us with the enzymes and hormones we already have inside our bodies because they are being “blocked” by stress. They don’t release and something else has to take over for the already-built-in mechanism we have to keep us balanced and happy. You read about the ways to do it in magazines, tv shows etc., but have you really engaged in them, (stroll barefoot on freshly-cut grass, quietly read or skim a magazine, have a nice bath because you made time for it and put the family in charge for an hour or simply make a way to shut down and go to bed 1 hour earlier each night that might take 3 weeks to build that pattern), or wrote them off to “I don’t have time,” which really means, “I would rather live uncomfortably, raise my kids with guilt because I want to feel poorly every time I scream at them, I also want to make sure my spouse/partner is as miserable as they can possibly be because the commitment I made to them only matters as much as it matters to me- -and well, that obviously isn’t much so I’m going to make it really easy on myself and elect to treat myself poorly?”  (Oh yes, that option is much better)
  4. Eat well. I put a post on Facebook earlier today that said, “One of the easiest solutions to the continued “mystery” of the unending question, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to eat for weight loss.” Answer: if you can pick it, grow it, kill it, and/or it has a mother, then you’re good. Stay on the perimeter of the supermarket where the fresh, whole foods reside. Eat less & do more, your gut, butt and heart will thank you.” There. Now here’s the “do more” part.
  5. EXERCISE. Hello??? No, you haven’t done it on your own- -and stayed consistent. Feeling good, physically, emotionally and spiritually are a balanced effort, and how do you think your kids are doing so well in their sports? THEY HAVE A COACH/MENTOR. And now….

I’m inviting you to allow me to coach and mentor you through exercise. Through exercise that it might be time for- -to change the, “I’m stuck at this weight and it seems like I’ve been here forever..ugh!,” thing. It’s a great way to go, no long-term commitment, (which is kind of backward thinking when it comes to building consistency and gaining the results, but I realize the thought of feeling amazing for many isn’t priority enough and the idea is to engage only if it’s what you consider affordable, compared to the expense on crappy food in one evening out that you have nothing to show for), and it is more-than-affordable.


Check it out here: Convenient and Easy


Five steps to save what could be a wasted year, or years, of ignorance. Find the help, make a way for you to thrive. It IS possible, and results can be yours, oh and may I add, the excuse of “I can’t afford a doctor,” – -throw that one out. I do NOT have insurance, but am making a way as it is time for me.


In the pursuit of excellence from our Selves TO our Selves,




P.S. Change CAN happen here, training with me: Training PUNCHCARDS

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