I    H-A-T-E    LIARS!


LIARS! You know the type, all clean, shiny, bright, and promising, they bring hope, reel you in and gain your trust and then BAM! Ya’ got smacked in the head and after you wake up you find out you’ve been duped. Makes one feel like a fool, huh?


In fitness trust is critical, would you agree? With all the information out there it’s no wonder people are misguided and fall in and out of love with them Selves faster than some of the marriages in Hollywood!


The issue is calories. So who’s the liar here? Among the group of 4, whom you trust, (treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, elliptical), the #1 liar is – –




You get on the machine and you’re off! One triumphant hour later the machine reads 1002 calories burned and you’re stoked!! So you input your calories burned in your phone app or online app, budgeting your calories you can consume for the remainder of the day, knowing you’ll still be losing the exact amount of weight, by the exact date you choose. (Unless you choose to run blind believing since you burned 1002 calories it’s a license to pig out in which case, you’re sabotaging every effort you’re making. And then you fall out of love again and quit citing, “it didn’t work again.”)


But did you really burn those 1002 calories? I’m here to tell ya……




My personal experience: About 2 months ago I left my Polar heart rate monitor at home and after teaching Body Pump I jumped on the treadmill, put it on my customary fat-burn incline of 15 and walked at 1.8 to 2.5 speed, for an hour. At the end of that hour the machine said I burned 485 calories. “Strange” I thought because when I wear my watch, (the one I left at home that day), the calorie count reads 285, give or take 3-5 calories. Now I have known that the machines aren’t accurate, but I didn’t know just how inaccurate they were….until now.  

See the article here 

So what’s the solution? Today I have 2 and I invite you to click either one:


Here’s the deal:

  1. The first link above is my affiliate link to Perform Better. When you purchase your heart rate monitor from my link you will receive 28% off a single month of training with me from my training calendar by clicking the below in #2.

  2. Spring Training 2012 is a great way to be in amazing shape before the spring break, and when burning an average of 450 true calories, keeping track of your calories in and calories out, you’re guaranteed to lose the weight exactly as you choose.


* After you purchase your heart rate monitor from my link bring me the print out of your receipt of purchase and verify your commitment, and receive your 28% off!


So now you know the truth about the machines and their calorie counting mechanisms. Don’t ever be fooled again or sabotage your efforts. Truth-seekers are relentless and with open eyes they too are successful.


Come and make your Self a success, because you seek truth,




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