The best thing I could have ever done

The best thing I could have ever done.

Let me set you up with a little personal history….

I was born in the waiting room in the hospital, mom wasn’t even admitted yet. I came out in a cool 15 minutes screaming, “everybody outta my way I am HERE!” (Shocker) Since then I have been labeled many things that continually leaned on the side of “miss independent,” and yes, I prided myself, to a fault, of getting it done by myself because after all, I am Wonder Woman! In spite of many years, (while I punched somebody else’s clock), when it was time for my semi-annual evaluation, each and every manager that was worth their salt, where one could actually tell there was genuine time taken to write my evaluation rather than busting it out in 5 minutes earlier that morning because they forgot and because it was not for a raise, ((did I write that out loud? Hee!)),), it was in the “areas for improvement” section that said; “Annette needs to seek the help of others to improve the quality of her managerial skills.” And in true immature, Annette form, I got pissed and ignored it.  

Well that was many years ago and since then I took the leap and began working for myself as you all know, and I have got to say that as rewarding as what I do is, I continually remember that one phrase that has helped me every single time, “seek the help of others,” and it has been trying at times, and the bottom line of it being trying (another shocker), was my pride. *Sigh* I didn’t want to feel stupid, dis-empowered or judged by everyone else at a training, workshop, meeting, etc., by my questioning making me look like a dumba**.  And speaking of pride, I was actually thinking other people were actually judging me- -a perfect example of my big fat ego getting in the way again! GAWD! (What people think of me is none of my business.) And so needless to say, the best thing I could have ever done was, and continue to do is, ask for help. (It must be my sage-old age of 43.  ;)) I have been asking for help in many ways and the most recent way is assured to make me even better as a human: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and I’m loving the ever-changing quest for balance of excellence.

The point: are you in search of personal balance of excellence? Do you believe it is attainable? Do you have any idea what that means for you or are you in a haze blinded by the daily grind and pressures of what “life” is according to you? Have you forgotten you, maybe by leaving your Self on the corner years ago after your mother’s passing, your spouse leaving or your mental stability to stand alone? I personally have a GREAT story of me and the separation of my ex-spouse, I could definitely write a movie about it too. Looking back it was a prime opportunity to forward with life, and make it whatever I wanted to. I want to impress upon you one very important thing:

If you do not take care of your Self first, how will you ever be able to take care of anybody else, like your kids, to the utmost maximum ability? The start of the solution can be a simple formula, here it is:

  • Eat well
  • Get enough sleep (7-8 hours per night- -hush now, it can  be done)
  • Exercise

Does it sound completely impossible? I can relate, and I will also not enable you to tell me why you can’t. The bottom line is, if you want to, you will. “But my diabetes, my high blood pressure, my psychological problems, my ankle sprain, my smoking, my gambling, my divorce,(“I wish my spouse would just die that would be much easier,” – -only the brave ones with balls have that kind of truth to say it), my kids, my prescriptions, the holidays, the summer, the new year….. ” Many of these things truly can be remedied IF, the sights are set on genuine desire for change, instead of making your care for your kids in the way of buying their love and respect- -on money you don’t have so charge it again- -that’ll put you in more of a tail-spin of stress- -that results in you self-medicating with food- -that nurtures the diabetes, high blood pressure, the psychological problems the smoking, the gambling, etc., in the first place? (Yes, clients have shared with me in truth, how they care for their kids). You set the example guys, period, and those under you will follow suit. Thus, I ask/asked for help because it was obvious I wasn’t doing anything on my own that stuck and moreover that made me proud of myself being the example for others.

We are all in this together, and one of my life’s missions/visions is to create wealth of health. One part of the 4 parts I want to share with you here of the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental is the physical part in the way of food. Through many candid “interviews” and people just wanting to confess, they are fully aware of what they are eating and that it’s wreaking havoc on their lives, and that can be changed.  You know they say when the student is ready, the teacher shows up.  I would like to share this teacher: the USANA RESET Challenge.  

I know of no better way to open up the pathway to wellness than this. The USANA RESET Challenge  is an easing out of being on the sugar roller coaster (that little thing that encourages the belly fat to move in), and delve into the “dark side” of eating to promote your fullness of vigor, spontaneity and zest for life. It’s HELP for those that are willing to admit they could use some, and quite honestly, those that ask for help are the smarter ones….unless falling on your face your entire life is “just better” for you.  😉

  • Order deadline: Friday, October 7, 2011
  • Creating the Mindset for Deliberate Success Coaching Begins Monday, October 10, 2011
  • Pre-Challenge Coaching Begins Monday, October 17, 2011
  • USANA RESET Challenge starting date: Monday, October 24 , 2011
  • This is the USANA RESET Challenge “Halloween Costume Fabulous!”

Remember, asking for help simply means you made the decision. Nobody can make you do anything.


There is nothing as sweet as free will,


Annette    🙂


P.S. 20 days of coaching is a BIG key to the building of a habit, and the USANA RESET Challenge provides you with just that.


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