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Personal Trainer Whittier – Annette Padilla

I am certified by two top national organizations: the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, (AFAA).

I have over 35 years experience working in the fitness industry. My continuing studies will give me an even greater-rounded education. I cater to a wide variety of fitness levels and goals, please read my bio for more details about my professional experience.

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Personal Training Options

This is the full range of choices you have!

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My Policies

  • I pride myself on promptness, and appreciate you being ready to start at the agreed upon time. This includes you already being warmed up and stretched.
  • I take training seriously, I want you to benefit from your investment, and trust me there will be plenty of fun time, but we are there to work!
  • I enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please remember that my profession is built upon appointments and I cannot schedule anyone in your time slot if you cancel late. I try and accommodate for emergencies, and I respect the same policy. If I cancel within the 24 hours, your next session is free.


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Option 1: The most popular Small Group program

The Smarter not Harder Small Group Training  


      Option 2: The most popular 1-on-1 program!

The Better For Your Money Zero Sabotage 1-on-1 Training


Option 3: One-on-one training at XCEL Fitness

Learn how to exercise correctly for best results!

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Option 4: Flexibility training at XCEL Fitness



And ….

Inside your workplace!

  • Perhaps you have a fitness facility or space that not a whole lot of people use?
  • Are you a supervisor or owner and have been trying to initiate a fitness program at your workplace?
  • Maybe you’d like to run this idea by your management? Fitness can have WONDERFUL effects on you, the employees, the backbone of the business. Without you in good health, the place wouldn’t run!

**Rates are based upon management agreement.

One-on-one and group training doesn’t just consist of weight-bearing or body-weight workouts.

I can also help you with technique training. What does that mean? It means that maybe your desire is to attend a fitness club and partake of all the classes but feel you are not “coordinated AT ALL, never have been” (sound familiar?) and feel you cannot participate? Well, I am further credentialed here:

    1. Certified Personal Trainer
    2. Certified Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor
    3. Certified Les Mills RPM Instructor
    4. Certified Les Mills CXWORX Instructor
    5. Certified Les Mills TONE Instructor
    6. Certified Les Mills BODYFLOW Instructor
    7. Certified Les Mills SPRINT Instructor
    8. Certified Conscious Body Method Coach
    9. Master Trainer Glider Discs
    10. Certified BOSU Instructor
    11. Certified Indoor Cycle Instructor
    12. Certified Cardio Kickboxing Instructor
    13. Certified Reebok Core Board Instructor
    14. Certified Yoga Instructor
    15. Certified in both adult and infant CPR

I am also qualified to teach you Thera-band work, medicine ball, resistance tubing and stability ball work! This is the part that can give you the edge over the rest!

To sum it up, I am almost too passionate about what I do! I’m constantly encouraging another opportunity to begin, resume or enhance what your idea of fitness is through physical training! It’s all about taking basic movements and applying them in a way that will jump-start your body into its next phase of strength, both through cardiovascular work, (heart) and through musculature, (your muscles). Okay, keeping it simple, it will help turn your bodies into super fat-burning machines!!

One would hire a trainer for their approach to what they do-my approach is pretty simple; you come to work to the best of your ability, I’ll help you find what you never thought possible, strength! Not only physical strength, but the real strength- inner strength! I help you find the BEST in you. I see what sometimes you can’t. I see what your soul desires and YOU bring it to the surface! I promise … it’s there!

I encourage execution with a compassionate touch; it is a goal very close to my heart. I specialize in core stability & balance, plyometrics and body awareness. EVERYBODY can play… yes, you too! I train both adults and children, everybody is welcome, and it’s never too late to feel empowered! My philosophy in life is that to have change, one must utilize the greatest gift and tool of all … ACTION!