My name is Annette Padilla. I have been in fitness since I can
remember! I started in La Habra, CA in 1984, and I knew that I wanted to be involved with fitness to some extent throughout my life, but let me tell you a bit about my background first!

I wasn’t really sure about what I wanted to do for a living, but I did know that I had a gift for inspiring people! I began teaching group fitness classes in high school purely by chance.

It was “raining men” in the 80’s, (for those that don’t know, it was a big hit!), and the football team wanted to incorporate “aerobics” (now, of course known as group fitness), as part of their pre-season conditioning. The gal who was teaching at the time could no longer do it and I got, I suppose, recruited!

Shortly after that I began teaching at a health club and it certainly was fun! The bug didn’t hit though until a few years later when I attended my first conference for group x instructors.

I could not believe what I had been missing in the industry. My eyes were opened up to the breadth and scope of the fitness world, I couldn’t get enough, and I got fired up!

In considering what to do for a living, it seemed that through a lifestyle of applying healthy practices, I gained back consistent energy and drive to do whatever it was that I was trying to accomplish. I took a look at many people and noticed a few things were consistent: they weren’t happy in their jobs, their families and their place in life, they just weren’t happy.

So I figured, why not bring them a sense of  belonging, a sense of accomplishment, something to give them a yearning to complete and feel success from?

I craved the opportunity to inspire those I could touch by my absolute passion to educate! I started teaching group fitness at a health club and found that people were asking me to help them, more on a one-on-one basis. I was amazed at how quickly the rapport built with the members and realized I had the ability to make people feel comfortable with themselves.

This comfort enabled them to open up to me with their reasons for wanting to engage in physical activity. But there was something missing- – more education for me! So, I furthered my efforts to gain my Personal Trainer Certification, focusing on the “personal” side through
listening, communication and coaching skills.

This resulted in helping people to overcome their own obstacles and implement positive decision-making behaviors to influence their levels of fitness and their lives in general. And through my constant desire to excel, I am continuing my education and look forward to sharing it daily with you! It has been my privilege to have met so many fabulous people! They allow me to share the gift of  knowledge, inspiration and confidence through personal training, and I now started offering  personal training online. Learn more about it at TrainerAnnette.com.

I am a certified personal trainer through NASM, (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and group fitness certified through AFAA, (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). I live in La Habra, CA and do private training online, in-home and at various local gyms.

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