Who Says Fitness Stops with Tennis Shoes, Gym Classes, Keto and Protein Shakes?

Who Says Fitness Stops with Tennis Shoes, Gym Classes, Keto and Protein Shakes?






Fitness can be this———–>











Or it can be this—————->







And it can be everything in between. Times one hundred! Billion!


Well it is my pleasure to inform you that:

  • You’re doing just fine.
  • There are no mistakes. What you’re experiencing is all part of the bigger picture.
  • You have the power to become whatever you’d like to become. All it may take is a little angel, human or otherwise, that you accept and learn from.
  • The tweaking to get there will hurt. But only for a little while.
  • You’re never going to get it wrong either- because you’ll never get it done.



Perhaps you’re in an abusive relationship. Maybe you don’t even know that you’re in one. That’s part of what this blog is about, awakening the mind and body, because fitness of the mind brings and means awareness. And awareness brings all the emotions, good and bad.


And once awareness is present, once the veil has been pulled back, then comes the fitness of the Self.


Ooooooh that’s a big one!


A new pair of tennis shoes: lifting shoes, cross training shoes, running shoes, Zumba shoes, Barre shoes. They all have a specific purpose. My fave shoes for teaching are cross trainer shoes, but I wear running shoes! That makes sense huh? Well, it’s mainly because I haven’t found a cross trainer that I like aesthetically that fits my foot well. Right now my right foot is a half-size bigger than the other. It’s a pain. Meh. But the tennis shoe. Ohhh the support they give. How fun they look! But there’s more.


The gym classes that make us weep with connection. The ones where it makes you wonder how the hell people are texting during class. Not like a quick and necessary text but during the entire class text. ??? The classes where you think you’re doing it right and then some instructor like me will call you out, (and I only call you out if I like you), coaching you to push your left knee just a litttttttle wider when you squat and then you die because of it, realizing you weren’t using your left butt cheek for the last 7 years of lifting. Gym classes. They’re golden. And, there’s more.


The pee-pee sticks. Keto heaven with high fat and low-to-no starch. Animal-size greens and veggies. Dizzy spells! No energy. Irritable. HANNNNGRY! Is Keto right for you? Yup, there’s more.


Protein shakes. Pea protein. Hemp protein. Whey protein. Casein protein. Snickers protein. Vegan protein. Protein shake or smoothie? Add pre-workout. Add post-workout. Take your supplements with it. Don’t take your supplements with it. How much water?  Flavored? Add banana? Banana too much carbs? Add olive oil? Add avocado? Wait- juicing instead? Pulp? No pulp? Juicer? Blender? Yes, there’s more.


All these are valid areas of fitness and they will get their due here in my blog.


And, who says fitness stops with tennis shoes, gym classes, Keto and protein shakes?


NOT. ME. !


We’ll go deeper next time.


I love you,


Annette (that’s me!)

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