Don’t EVER let anyone talk you out of your dreams

What does that mean?

•You’re the 1st in your family to show desire to go to college and the responses you get are:

~ Why? You’re not happy working the family business??
~ Oh you think you’re too good to stay here with us?
~ There’s NO way you can afford it.
~ Oh no, I don’t think so, you won’t pass anyway

• You have always dreamed of owning a hair salon and the immediate backlash from the ‘do-good’ outsiders say:

~ Ehhh, but you don’t do hair
~ You’ve never gone to school for it
~ There’s no money in hair unless you work for ‘the stars’ and how likely is THAT!?

• You want to try out for the pro soccer team and….

~ You actually THINK you can hang with that team?
~ Well I know ‘IM’ not paying for that pipe dream!
~ You’ve never finished anything in your life and now this??

• Your heart is ready for another chance at creating a habit of health and wellness, and here comes the family…

~ Oh yeah sure, ANOTHER diet?
~ Psssh! You’ve done HOW MANY now and failed?
~ And what makes you think THIS time is going to be different?
~ Oh what, NOW you think you’re better than us miss “I’m gonna have a salad!?” Here, eat this instead its okay, you can think about that diet and fail again anytime.

All the scenarios above do happen and still happen, resulting in doubt, sabotage and…the dream gets squashed.

You are NOT crazy, (as those with fear will try and make you feel), to want your dreams.

Dreams become real the second you decide you want to do it and there’s nothing that can stop you from it.

Its the B-E-L-I-E-F that fuels the dream.

Belief that it IS possible.

Belief that you DO deserve your dreams.

Belief that flexibility in your quest will be essential.

Belief that you don’t have to settle for anything less.

Belief that in order to achieve your dream/s, you must be around others who have already achieved it, who will expect a higher level of expectation from you, i.e. a mentor.

You can start here:

And belief that being relentless in your dream that no matter who says what, you believe in your heart, without a doubt, that your dream IS going to happen.

Don’t EVER let anyone talk you out of your dreams–you’re worth every single one of them!

In awesome health,


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