The third roll of back fat

The third roll of back fat? Yes, read on….   Making a decision to do something, especially for your Self, can be, strangely, the hardest thing- -why is that?   The list of excuses is endless, right? Allow me to share a few: IF I didn’t have a wife and family… IF I had enough pull… IF I had money… IF I had a good education… IF I could get a … [Read more...]

What To Do AFTER A Cleanse

This has got to be one of my BIGGEST gripes with the cleanses out there on the market. ZERO FOLLOW UP OR INSTRUCTION and people are left hanging, only to continue in misguidance and zero support, and then what they achieved during the cleanse is lost, only to return to worry, fear, no self-worth and an extra wight gain of ....30 lbs. Sad. Well here's the thing, I'm going to share with … [Read more...]

How Often Can I Do A Cleanse?

How often can I do a cleanse? Well to keep things in perspective, check this out: A cleanse is to release blockages in the body, so that when our system runs clean, it is enabled to run on all cylinders. It has been studied that at any given time, the average adult carries around a decent 20lbs of garbage in their system, and it resides in the intestinal tract. (sexy) Because of this … [Read more...]