You Can’t Lose Scared Weight and Keep It Off

You can’t lose scared weight and keep it off.

So, what is “scared” weight? Here’s the simple….

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I’m afraid I’m never going to change.”

“Oh I can tell you ALL the diets I have tried: (proudly clearing their throat), Atkins, South Beach, Lindora, Weight Watchers, Nutri-Systems, Jenny Craig, … and nothing, absolutely nothing has worked for me.”

“I work out 7 days a week and I still can’t lose weight and it’s making me crazy.”

“I did Pilates for 2 months and I couldn’t lose any weight.”

“I had a C-section, since then I can’t lose my belly, and my double chin is almost a triple, it makes me cry.”

“I turned 40 and all the s**t just went downhill.”

“I’ve been skinny all my life but now I have this THING around my belly, I named her Edna. But the b***h makes me lose sleep at night.”

“I’ve been fat all my life so I don’t know what all these skinny chicks are wailin about, but I still feel like a cow, and I still can’t lose weight.”

“I lost 50lbs two years ago and now it’s all back, I must be stupid.”

“I’m in a wedding in three weeks, I HAVE TO lose this weight!”

So there you go, dieting, binging, purging, starving and making a succulent menu of cigarettes, Starbucks and Tic Tacs- -in fear, AKA “scared” that you’re not going to lose the weight.

It’s like gambling: people who gamble and it’s going poorly, keep betting, keep losing. And now a presence of fear has been built that when they go to gamble they’re hoping and praying that the games go well, and bet with scared money; money they either don’t have or know they shouldn’t spend.

They lose.

Scared money.

Crash dieting, yo-yoing (I just made that a word), hoping to lose 20 lbs in one month, living in fear that you won’t:

Scared weight.

Stresses, mental and physical, will keep weight on the body, and on purpose!

The body has an AMAZING mechanism to KEEP YOU with a little bit of “cush,” during stressful times, (for some it’s daily due to work, family and their own self-hate, etc)., and more often than not, the “cush” is, shall we say, more than a little!

The mechanism: the body creates more fat in the fat cells, on purpose, in times of stress, because the body is protecting itself from you! Plus, the body doesn’t know when it’s going to eat again so the extra fat in the fat cells continue to feed your organs to keep you alive.

The body IS grand.

For some it goes the other way where they lose a lot of muscle, resulting in the sunken, sullen, sucked up, lanky-limbed, have no energy, head-is-too-big-for-your-body look.

Finding peace from within and applying a system that serves your purpose, nurturing it, growing it, feeding it daily- -like a garden properly tended to – -will produce some beautiful fruit.

You’re the fruit and you are gorgeous!

Scared weight: if you are treating yourself well, there is nothing to be scared about in the process of weight loss.

And you’re going to keep it off.

If you are treating yourself well in the process, there is no fear to go where you know results are guaranteed.

I guarantee your results.

Do your part, (I mean c’mon you DO need to contribute to your effort), and I won’t have to guarantee your results, but is sure is good to know I will, right?

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We are here to empower each other. That said, if you are happy with everything, awesome!! But somebody isn’t.

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Scared weight really can be a thing of the past, and an allowance of freedom to flow through you with training as a part of it – -that’s guaranteed- -cannot fail you.

Happy day,


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