My fat belly and what I’m doing about it

My fat belly and what I’m doing about it


I have been in the fitness industry officially since 1984, right? And before that I was involved in team sports in junior high and high school, and before that, (here it comes), I was a Pop Warner cheerleader-yup, ponytails, pom-poms….and a skirt. (You might catch me at Halloween or dead dressed like that again).  J  The thing I can clearly remember from those times of organized activity, even at Pop Warner age was, “man I better learn quick, if I want to be in or ahead of the competition.” Now some call that the” competitive nature,” others call it “knowing what she wants,” and some might call it “too aggressive,” your definition resides where your desire resides, doesn’t it?  I call it stepping right into the fire and extinguishing it. And I’ve gotta say, because of that drive I have gotten in plenty of repetitive trouble- –repetitive—meaning, I questioned everything of my superiors that didn’t make sense nor were they practicing, and once a supervisor did tell me, (and most left me alone because I always got the job done so this was going to be interesting), that I had a “piss-poor” attitude. (Really??) My one response and then knew it was time to venture into working for myself, “Attitude reflects leadership.” I’m pretty sure the supervisor wanted to slap me.   J

What’s that got to do with my fat belly? A LOT! I have been called many of the same things in my life:

  • Loud (Shocker)
  • Hard
  • Militant
  • Ball of fire

And there’s more of course, but what those things have continually said to me was, I was a leader. Now as a leader for myself I or “it” works for me most of the time when it comes to fitness. Example: I teach group fitness classes because I know that working out on my own doesn’t really “do it” for me, nor does at-home gym equipment.  But at this point in my life, I am seeking help for me and my fitness because; you guessed it, my fat belly! There’s something wrong with my picture when I teach as often and with the intensity that I do, I eat well most of the time, I sleep 7-9 hours per day, I’m well hydrated (ask anybody how often I run to the bathroom in the day), I take my supplements, so I’m thinkin…..why have I gained 22lbs in the last 5 months?


What I continually hear from clients or from people in the classes that I teach, and from women mostly, is that they’re gaining and eating and gaining and eating, starving and gaining, excessively exercising and gaining, etc., etc. They are generally between 37-45 and simply PISSED, because they’ve “never had to work out a day in their lives” and now here they are. I have to congratulate these ladies as they are doing something about their gains, and the point I’m trying to make here is, only a leader will take ownership with their own bodies, changing the approach and tweaking it along the way, finding what works for them. Others will find every excuse in the book to neglect themselves, but continue on the exact same path they have been on, expecting change and I say to that, that is your own fault. You are no less of a person, you do matter, but you are in your situation because you want to be. YOU CAN CHANGE IT, and depending on your level of leadership from you to you, will dictate how deep you’ll search, for you. So what about my fat belly? Some bullet points to keep it concise:

  • First, I’m going to be 44 in December. (I like Under Armor gear, diamonds and gold jewelry; I wear a size 6 shoe.  J)
  • Ownership of my fat belly began, and more importantly, my body as a whole, with the referral of a nutripath doctor. I refuse to go to a traditional doctor, the cutters and prescribers (that’s what they were taught to do rather than find the problem).
  • The long and short, my body isn’t producing HCL, hydrochloric acid, in the stomach. This acid is necessary for the release of a digestive enzyme, pepsin. Without these 2 in balance I am digesting only 57% of what I eat. Plus I eat like a rabid dog—quick. I’m pretty sure I’ve swallowed a Mini-Cooper, whole, at some point.
  • NO HCL, less digestion……BLOAT.
  • Treatment:
    • Chew food 50 times (at least) before swallowing. (My biggest issue!!! That means I need to put my fork down, sit back, and chew… a cow…..for days at a time…..for one bite. *Sigh* And yes, I’m doing it)
    • Take my digestive enzymes after each cooked meal
    • Practice food-combining. (Google it)
    • A liver flush is in order this weekend
    • Thus far, and it’s been 3 weeks since my apt, I’m experiencing less bloat and improvements are being made- -naturally. I refuse to jump on a ship that’s on fire to get to the solution, burning and sinking along the way, to have to regroup and start from the beginning. That’s the leader in me, I’m going to do it right, and I have help and guidance.
    • I will continue my treatment, and in a few more weeks I’ll go back to see my doc for some hair samples and stuff to check my hormone balance or lack thereof, and forward in my healing.
    • The reason for doing it in the order of chew, digestive enzymes, food combining, liver flush then hormone check, is because when digestion is in proper condition, the hormone release in our bodies begin to do what they are supposed to do…release naturally.   
    • I also recalculated my BMR, (Basal Metabolic Rate) and make the adjustments for workouts daily.

Seem like a bit much to do? That’s only because the leader in you isn’t triggered yet.

So I look forward to change- -again, because I am my own leader for me.

You too can be your own leader for yourself, and it can start in pieces, with exercise first. Why there first? Honestly, from my perspective and what I have seen in all my years in the industry, exercise is easier than eating well for many, many, many people. One feels that they can out train a poor diet, resulting in…exercise first. I also believe that exercise is just as necessary as eating well, and starting with one thing only, will aid immeasurably, against quitting due to overwhelming the person with too much.


Start here:  Training Punch Cards

So the belly that hangs on me now, won’t be soon, because I care about me from the inside out. I’m taking ownership because I believe in the process and myself. How much do you believe in your own leadership and deservancy to BE, DO and HAVE what you want?

Taking ownership and acting like the leader you truly are begins here: Training Punch Cards 

Celebrating every moment of life because you can,




P.S. It doesn’t only have to be a dream. Make it happen here: Training Punch Cards 

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