Momentum Shifting

I wanted to share probably the biggest momentum shift-changing behavior you could ever imagine.  🙂

And your rewards will be as great as your effort to it.

It truly ‘can’ be simple, and then on the other hand, its only as simple as the ‘allowance’ of it is.


Yes, the allowance of belief.

A “belief” is a chronic thought pattern, be it positive OR negative, that one chooses to hold.

I personally have a belief that my physical body is capable of doing anything. Anything meaning it can be conditioned to a peak level of fitness to compete if I wanted to, jump tall buildings in a single bound, pick up an 18-wheeler to save a life, climb a tree and swing like a monkey (fun huh?!), and that my body has so much ability to heal itself that I don’t ever have to endure a flu, need to be on meds, or experience any dis-ease.

That’s a belief. This particular one isn’t one I struggle with, most likely because of my upbringing that said: “you’re healthy. You got 2 arms, 2 legs and a heartbeat, now go and play.” Ummm….okay! And play we went, with a little sore throat maybe, a slight cough, arriving home with a fever, got ice-packed up if needed, a little cough syrup, sweat it out overnight, and off to mess around the next day. 🙂

What I’m saying here is, we weren’t ‘fed’ anything less than a “you are healthy” attitude. So…..that’s what we knew. (And if you personally know us Padilla’s, I can hear you sayin, “yup, that’s how I always remember them!”). To this day we are the same.


The momentum shift begins with what you believe, whether raised with it or not, positive or negative, its what you believe:

•”Life is hard and then you die.”
•”Two things in life are certain: death & taxes.”
•”All politicians are crooks”
•”Nobody loves me”
•”I’m a loser”
•”I don’t deserve to live a good life”
•”Don’t those stupid rich people SEE us little folk over here?” <—said as you hold out your hand for a freebie.
•”I’m fat. I was born fat, my family is fat, everybody says I’m fat, I’m gonna be fat for the rest of my life so shut the hell up, let’s go eat!”
•”Ugh, menopause. If I get one more hot flash, if one more person calls me ‘ma’am,’ if one more person steals my parking spot, if one more person hides my chocolate, and who the hell drank my wine, if ONE MORE PERSON looks at my fat a$$ in the dressing room, I’m gonna give the closet person an Italian necktie…and I’m gonna LIKE it!”

These thoughts turn into beliefs. And one might say “yah but, its ALL true, Annette!!”

I say, “of course it is….if that’s what you believe.”

Nothing wrong with your beliefs, they’re yours, and especially if they’ve been working for you then even better, right?

Here’s the momentum shift: tell a different story.

“I did observe life was hard for my parents and I’m thankful that I have the ability to utilize technology today so I don’t have to break my back like they did, and yes, part of our societal system IS to pay taxes, I’m sure there will be something to show for that money output soon, (other than bigger war-spending and pocket-lining), as we have the freedom to vote in people to work for the people. Yes, we DO die, but that’s only temporary, we get a new body when we want one. People love me, especially those who raised me, be it by choice or court order. If they didn’t love me they wouldn’t have picked me up off the street to provide food and shelter, as they are working for a greater, bigger cause, they did what they could. I now have the ability to generate new relationships and even give back the love to others who are in the position I was in before. Rich people are rich because they either inherited, won, invested well or saved for what they have, and after searching on how these people acquired their wealth, many of them didn’t even get past 11th grade. They made it big because they believed and never gave up. I suppose they are great role models and I will use that for reference. And sure, I may be fat, but after hearing all the choices I have to become smaller in size, instead of making every excuse in the book, I can move forward in a way that serves my time, resources and current physical ability and see how far I get, and when I get ‘stuck,’ I know there are other resources to pull from like…ask for help. Sigh, menopause. I am SO grateful that at this point in my life I put up with nobody’s B.S., I don’t have to, and the knowledge I have now (of course if I only knew this in my earlier years!!!), I am an even greater-thriving, powerful woman who will no longer have to deal with the monthly call!

Momentum shifts as you change the story.

The story change spikes new awareness.

The new awareness creates NEW beliefs.

And so on and so on.

Change the story, watch the momentum shift.

In awesome health,


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