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Who said you had to starve and be deprived on a cleanse?


You did.


That’s the mindset that has been adopted by you because of the control you’re giving those that spread their experience when they did their cleanse. Secondly…


You weren’t ready, you weren’t prepared, you had no support, coaching or follow up. And then you quit halfway through, the guilt got a hold of you so you came back and continued, still, with one foot out, belabored the entire thing, you didn’t feel well, you grew resentful and finally just said F*** it.


Here is the remedy, the solution: THE MIND SET.


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When joining us in the RESET Challenge you walk in completely prepared, knowing exactly what to expect before you even begin, because of the coaching you receive daily, sometimes more than two times per day, and you receive supportive text messages, emails and answers to any and all questions you may have before, during and after the RESET Challenge! It’s just amazing how great you feel because it goes way farther than just a “cleanse.” When joining my group, (or you can do it all by yourself, that’s allowed!), it is all about the inclusion, the exclusivity and the true belonging to the collective goal: to feel better from the inside out. The outside, your physical body, the fat loss- -is just the side effect.


The key here is to believe in your ability to believe- -in your Self. Another key is to put aside your lack of discipline and your list, the list you hold on to with clenched fists, of excuses like:

  • I can’t afford it
  • I’ve tried everything, it won’t work for me
  • It’s too hard I’ll never make it


Sigh, stop it already.


  • The “I can’t afford it” excuse means you have not found enough value in yourself to make a way to afford it. You apparently do not find your Self as important as the weekend you’ve saved up for, (that will be gone after the weekend and you’re left right where you started), or the booze money you saved to get tanked, only to leave you, once again, in the same place you started, feeling poorly, telling yourself how stupid you are for doing it again, and the continual breeding of repeated behaviors that only serve the negative.
  • The “I’ve tried everything, it won’t work for me” excuse means more likely than not you really have tried everything, and have not stuck to any one thing for longer than the short-term, you do have reason to be a little bitter with the next “magic” pill, but you’ll try it anyway, with a repeated “quick fix” intention leading to the next proud proclamation of “I’ve tried everything, it won’t work for me.”
  • The “It’s too hard I’ll never make it” excuse means your allowing your fear to dominate anything and everything you would like to do, but don’t, shriveling up behind your favorite excuse, “it’s too hard.”

Here’s the bottom line:

1.      Of course there’s understanding that you truly have personal feelings about certain things, we all do, and they are important.

2.      Yes, your values are valid.

3.      You definitely matter and…..



However, none of that has to deter you from gathering information on something that can be an excellent way to love your Self up, for the long-term.


Now listen….listen to what you might have just thought in your head: “This is just some more bulls*** that makes promises that’s going to make me sick, make me starve and I’m just going to gain the weight back after its over so, nope, I can’t afford it, I’ve tried everything anyway and nothing has worked and it’s just too hard so, forget it, I’m not going to disappoint myself AGAIN.” And back to the repeated, habits-that-do-not-serve you go, to remain in the place you’re in, snuffing any twinkle of belief in your Self.


You’re SO much better than that, I just know you are.

No, you don’t have to engage in the RESET Challenge- -EVER. The point here is to really have a look at what could be holding you back from the truth, passion and vitality of life you desire, but have squashed every chance you receive, repeatedly, due to a mind set of less-than, rather than trust in the greatest leader ever, you, to go the distance.


RESET Challenge can be that start, see it here: Okay, maybe I’m curious


And as always, you are in complete control of you,



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