What the hell is taco arm?

What the hell is taco arm?

What’s a taco arm? Picture a taco shell, it folds, yes? Now see the folds in these arms.  

We also have bingo-arm. It’s the back of your arm all the girls point to when they say they want to “get rid of this thing right here,” that when bingo is called out with the triumphant raising of the arm in the air, it jiggles. (BINGO….flap flap flap)

Two things (among a myriad of others), that women absolutely HATE!

Well in addition to being sore and seeing changes in these areas through training with me, I have prizes, and you don’t have to lift a finger to get them.


PRESENTS -without having to lift a finger!

I know, right? Seems unbelievable, (sounds like an infomercial to me!), allow me to explain.

I have 3 really cool prizes to give away as a part of my training special, Spring Training 2012, (click on top of the blue print back there). The ways to win the prizes is by accumulating points through joining us and attendance, and the one with the most points wins. But the one who really wants to win will do it much, much easier than coming to train with us. (I can’t believe I’m pitching you this one but let’s face it, those that want stuff for doing nothing are everywhere, right?) So here it is:


Tell people to come out and train with us.

Each person you refer (remember you’re not coming to exercise), who joins us; you receive points for that referral.

And the one with the most points …..wins the prizes!

Click here to see what the cool prizes are! And listen, if it’s something you are not going to use, feel how cool it will be if you give it away as a gift! You’ll be somebody’s hero.

Pretty simple huh?

Just have a fun conversation and send people our way. It won’t cost you a thing- -especially if you have trained with me before and know exactly what the incoming will receive and how they will change.

Training with me provides physical, mental and emotional nutrition which, we all know, many are craving, and as soon as they experience the treasures of confidence and accomplishment, (weight loss is just the side effect), their world becomes brighter with an unlimited wealth of possibilities.

  • Come and join us starting January 30. Receive 500 points.

  • Each time you come to train receive 2 points.

  • Each referral that joins, you receive 300 points.

So if you believe you can’t train with us, NO PROBLEM- -you still can win prizes and be part of somebody’s transformation! (Though, I believe 99% of you do have the ability to train with us).

Spring Training 2012, come get a sore butt, a core of steel and slash off the bingo-arm and taco-arm and win prizes!


Do nothing and keep your bingo-arm, taco-arm and flabby inner thighs that go swish-swish when your legs rub together when you walk and win prizes! There is no judgment except what you put on yourself.


Everyone is welcome,




P.S. I was told I was mean for writing this. I said I was truthful. If the truth hurts, you can create a new truth for yourself through empowerment and exercise here


  1. Lillian Chacon says

    Tough Love is a Bitch for some People…but thats becausethey are in denial> @ Annette…..Yesterday I got to th gym early as usual to participated in your Spin class…I decided to do a bit of upper body weight training…and Ugh! I realized just how weak my upper body is!!!! I was very disappointed. Not only am I weak but also…the aging signes I did not like. ok but my joints are not that conducive to weight training…I think that perhaps trainers may not be that knowledgable about working and training with older adults…hmmm…
    I think I need an evaluation…Of course I would like my arms to be stronger, show tone and muscle definition and hell…Id love that “Six Pack look! Why not? unrealistice? I dunno…LOL…
    I workout religiously…and participated in many competitive events…Running and Cycling..I have competed 15 full Marathons and counless Half Marathons and last year learned enough swim stroike mto comple my first and last mini Triathlon…So far…I now Im training for a Duathlon (March) and Half Marathon (April) and Mud Run (June).
    Let me know if we can hook up to discuss the needs and desires that I seek for my personal fitness.

  2. Annette Padilla says

    Ahh yes Lilian–upper body strength is a very common area of weakness for women, simply because we dont use it half as much as we could. We tend to favor the classes and cardio at the gym for lower body, lower body, lower body—right? :). So it serves true (for now anyway), that your upper body struggles are BEGGING you to show em different. Yes, they’re pointing and laughing at you. :). You have some AMAZING accomplishments with your endurance races–AMAZING. These are events I wouldn’t choose to do, and then repeat them??? Crazy-ass woman! Your passion shines bright, girl, I’d say definitely keep nurturing it!

    Of COURSE we can have a chat!! There is no disappointment Lillian, only the recognition that you’re in the right place at the right time. There are no mistakes, the Universe is looking out for you.

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