I love me a good starve

The same question over and over again, “how can I lose weight?”

That conversation inevitably turns into:

  • “I’ve done the Atkins diet”

  • “I’ve done the Zone diet”

  • “I’ve done the 1 Day diet”

  • “I’ve done the 3 Day diet”

  • “I’ve done the 7-Day all you can eat diet”

  • “I’ve done the chocolate diet” (Huh?)

  • “I’ve done the Lemonade diet”

  • “I’ve done the Lazy Zone diet” (Perfect)

  • “I’ve done the Cabbage Soup diet”

  • “I’ve done the Chicken Soup diet”

  • “I’ve done the Hollywood diet”

  • “I’ve done the Juicing diet”

  • “I’ve done the Metabolism diet”

  • “I’ve done the Amputation diet” (Excuse me?)

  • “I’ve done the South Beach diet”

  • “I’ve done the Scarsdale diet”

  • “I’ve done the Master Cleanse diet” (I love me a good starve )

  • “I’ve done the U.S. Women’s Ski Team diet”

  • “I’ve done the One Good Meal diet”

  • “I’ve done the Russian Air Force diet”

  • “I’ve done the Grapefruit diet”

  • “I’ve done the HCG diet” (Good lord)

  • “I’ve done the Shick Center diet”

  • “I’ve done the Tapeworm diet” (WTH???)

  • “I’ve done the Cookie diet” (Stop it)

  • “I’ve done the Morning Banana diet”

  • “I’ve done the Natto diet”

  • “I’ve done the Special K diet”

  • “I’ve done the Blood Type diet”

  • “I’ve done the Ayds Candy diet” (Candy diet????)

  • “I’ve done the Cambridge diet”

  • “I’ve done the Acai berry diet”

  • “I’ve done the My Alli diet” (you know the crap your pants one)


Oh and let’s not forget the:

  • Trim Jean (inflatable shorts to be used for slimming the hips)

  • Astro Jogger

  • Slim-Skins

  • Sauna Belt Waistline Reducer and …..

  • Vacuum Pants


And so here we are, with new fad diets coming out, new TV shows like the Doctors that keep you pinned to your TV or TiVo just waiting to hear the new magic pill, potion, cream or tonic to get you lean, lose the belly fat, make your thighs tighter, make the back of your arms stop flabbing around and get you into your favorite jeans again.

Here’s the thing- -the fad diets teach you only how to starve or eliminate whole food groups from your diet. They do not teach balance of nutrition, they teach quick fixes. I mean, a diet that allows 500 calories of nutrition per day (An In & Out Double-Double w/onions = 690 calories, Jack in the Box 16oz. Bacon Shake = 733 calories, and Carl’s Jr Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger = 740 calories, the list could go on), while either injecting or swallowing massive amounts of hormones produced by a pregnant female, (That would be the HCG diet), one has to ask their self, “What am I teaching my body?”

Answer: Eh, you’re teaching your body how to throw its own hormones way out of whack, (men you have hormones and when unbalanced it shows up by way of beer gut), you’re completely jacking up your metabolism, storing fat, growing fat it, and keeping fat.

Here’s the simplicity pumpkins and no, there is no magic pill, but only a combination and balance of the below:

  • See your doctor and get a referral to an endocrinologist. They study hormones, (which control your metabolism), and get yours done so you know where to start, and you will be guided to the supplements your body needs.

  • Eat balanced. I believe you do know what this means guys, and here it is again: a combination of balanced carbs, proteins and good fats. (The formula that works for you depends on your own body, not a magazine. Refer back to the 1st bullet point, see your doctor).  Eat organic where possible.

  • Exercise. Fish are meant to swim, humans are meant to move.

  • Sleep. Find a way to get 7-9 hours a night and if you can’t, take a nap during lunch. (And don’t start “I’m too busy to take lunch.” By law you are supposed to have one so stand up for your well-being and talk to your HR and get your lunches).

    Make the time for what you want, not the excuse
  • Hydrate. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces- -per day.

  • Find your happy place. That means there is strength in stillness. Find what works for you in the silence zone like walking barefoot in the grass, taking a drive along the beach or get out and walk in the sand, take a day and go to the mountains, make a dream board or journal. Silence.

    I am the Polar FT7
  • Calories in and calories out. Count them, accountability is king. Get your heart rate monitor here  (The FT7 will do exactly what you need) Instead of flying blind and then wonder why you’re not losing weight, know exactly what you are doing and be successful. 


You will end up spending TONS less on meds, fad diets, psychiatrists and mindless, empty spending on stuff you don’t need trying to fill an empty and never-ending hole in your heart, etc.

The bottom line, instead of taking all the time and expense on the next quick fix, (think about how many vacations you have repeated this for), take that same time and spend it on your Self and how to make it better for the long run.

Life doesn’t happen in short 2-3 month spurts like a fad diet. Life can be wonderfully fun and abundant- -if you’re willing to put in the time and reprogram your thinking, your belief system and what you believe you deserve. And that is a work in progress, until we kick it.



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