Current and past training programs!

I love me a good starve

The same question over and over again, “how can I lose weight?” That conversation inevitably turns into: “I’ve done the Atkins diet” “I’ve done the Zone diet” “I’ve done the 1 Day diet” “I’ve done the 3 Day diet” “I’ve done the 7-Day all you can eat diet” “I’ve done the chocolate diet” (Huh?) “I’ve done the Lemonade diet” “I’ve done the Lazy Zone … [Read more...]

I’m considered a cycle pus$y

I’m considered a cycle pus$y!   Right into it we go- -I am signing up for this year’s AIDS Life Cycle ride. It’s in June. It’s from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Its 545 miles in 7 days.   I know , read it again! I decided to do it not because of the cause although a great one, but because well …..I can. Do I have a bike or any equipment? No. Do I have any riding experience on the road? … [Read more...]


I    H-A-T-E    LIARS!   LIARS! You know the type, all clean, shiny, bright, and promising, they bring hope, reel you in and gain your trust and then BAM! Ya’ got smacked in the head and after you wake up you find out you’ve been duped. Makes one feel like a fool, huh?   In fitness trust is critical, would you agree? With all the information out there it’s no wonder people are misguided … [Read more...]

What the hell is taco arm?

What the hell is taco arm? What’s a taco arm? Picture a taco shell, it folds, yes? Now see the folds in these arms.   We also have bingo-arm. It’s the back of your arm all the girls point to when they say they want to “get rid of this thing right here,” that when bingo is called out with the triumphant raising of the arm in the air, it jiggles. (BINGO….flap flap flap) Two things (among a myriad … [Read more...]

My fat belly and what I’m doing about it

My fat belly and what I’m doing about it   I have been in the fitness industry officially since 1984, right? And before that I was involved in team sports in junior high and high school, and before that, (here it comes), I was a Pop Warner cheerleader-yup, ponytails, pom-poms….and a skirt. (You might catch me at Halloween or dead dressed like that again).  J  The thing I can clearly … [Read more...]


  “JUST BECAUSE YOU GOT BIG BOOBS DOESN'T MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE TO RUN!!”     We finished last.....and I mean dead last.   July 15, 2011, at 7:15pm. I sat with my clients outside the gym post-training; we were sitting on a bench, leaning over with forearms resting on our thighs and as a team, we decided to register for the September 24, San Diego Marine Bootcamp … [Read more...]

I KNEW I would NEVER be able to do it

A thought. The noise. The sabotage. The belief. The truth. The work. The event. The payoff. .   A thought. “One day I will do that. One day.” The noise. “Wait, there’s no way I could ever do that.” The sabotage. “It will be difficult. It’s going to be risky, it will take a long time, it’s not my nature, no one will help me, I’m not strong enough, … [Read more...]

The inner thigh rub and the bacon belly echo

I’m not one to mince words so let’s address the items of concern I hear about often: the inner thigh rub and the bacon belly echo.  :) . They’re there, have been since your mid-30’s (or sooner depending on your upbringing and lifestyle you’ve chosen), and you’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired of them. . Right? . Yeah. . Definitions- - . Inner thigh rub: happens when there’s … [Read more...]