December thru January Massage Special

When is the last time you did something to actually “take care” of your Self?

For many, just about every day is spent in the mental crunching of how much sleep you’re not going to get, how you’re going to be in 2 places at once due to double booking of the kids’ sporting events, why the hell you don’t “get” any relief from the daily grind, and posting how much you’re loving or hating a political party of  Facebook.

And then you do it while being in pain. Mental pain, physical pain, emotional pain, weight gain pain, 3rd roll-of-fat-on-your-back pain, you-just-got-told-you-didn’t-matter pain, you-failed-an-exam-and-feel-stupid pain, you-want-to-get-active-but-the-workman’s-comp-injury-doctors-just-drug-you-up-and-there-doesn’t-seem-to-be-an-end-in-sight-and-the-physical-therapy-sessions-ran-out pain.

Let’s cut to the root of the issue for a minute shall we? The scenarios above are from a place of lack, from a place of “not having.” All that can happen from this attitude is…..more of it! So this is where I will continually insert: our lives are 90% mental, 10% physical, personal training or otherwise.

Its how we think, what we generate in thought and how we speak that gives us exactly what we have. It also affects how we think and believe about our Selves. Do you believe self-care can take a back seat? Why do you believe caring for our Selves doesn’t matter? Why is it that the thought of Self care is only a luxury rather than that compared to the continual routine of brushing your teeth? Why would you rather be in pain? You going to tell me pain is SO MUCH BETTER than relief, that you’re willing to take a back seat….to your Self…yet again?

Deep, relieving breath…..

There is a solution, (as always in the minds of the problem-solver!), and you do not have to be a victim to your Self by your own hand!





When people tell me “You haven’t changed a bit,” “How do you keep in such good shape,” and “Why do you always have so much energy,” I say its’ because I DO take care of my Self- -and have since how long ago, right? It doesn’t have to be any different for you just because you’re not a trainer like me! So, you’re a physician, a contractor, a dentist, a homemaker, a lawyer, a firefighter, an analyst- -what’s the difference? NOTHING.


I get the best massages because I found the best massage therapist, and Bryan is that massage therapist at Brown Chiropractic Fitness and Wellness. I get deep tissue massages every other week because well, we all know how much my body needs it, but also  because I don’t view massage as a luxury, I consider massage as a piece of my maintenance and recovery and healing to live life to the fullest. So I budget it in. Period. And you too can find a great amount of relief or simply “me” time.

Of course you can go get the $20 massages, I’ve gotten them too-but they’re not as effective because most of the time they are not full-body or they beat the hell outta ya, which makes the body tense, resulting in not much restorative relaxation at all.

Bryan delivers Swedish, pre and post natal, sports-specific and specialized massages, it just depends on what your body shows it needs and what you want. There’s balanced mix of both.

“I just love massage with Bryan. I had a hip-replacement just about two years ago and now that I have recovered, I am training for the Camp  Pendleton Mud Run and been strength training, core training and cardio training. Without Bryan’s magical touch I am definite that my hip would not be performing as well as it is. The professionalism that Bryan works with makes for a truly comfortable, enjoyable and effective experience.”

~Joy Rogers 72 yrs.

So because I want the best, I want the teacher, the one who used to train massage therapists to BE massage therapists. If Bryan ever moves I will beat him….and then I’ll beat him, mad.

  • Original 60-minute massage = $70
  • December 60-minute massage special = $50 (29% off)

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The special runs Dec 1, 2011 through Jan 31, 2012

The 29% off  with a massage with Bryan is a STEAL, trust me on that one!  🙂

In serving you deeper than just training,


P.S. A quick addressing of the elephant in the room: you may not be comfortable with a male massage therapist. No worries! You still are entitled to the 29% off 60-minute massage = 50.00 with the girls. See? Always a solution  🙂