Dr. Hercules Real, DMD- General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Fullerton

So when I was younger we of course had our visits to the dentist, and here’s what I remember:

1.      Heart pounding so hard I could see it pulsating, trying to push through my chest!

2.      Sweaty, clammy hands

3.      The feel of the 100lb. vest used for x-rays

4.      The BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ of the tools


That was enough that after my braces got taken off at 16 years old and wearing my retainers for 2 more, I packed my bags and left the dentist- -for 24 years.  🙂


Until I met Dr. Hercules Real.

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You can imagine the damage that had been done over the years of neglect, right? (Okay but I will have you know….I only have TWO cavities!). And in my true “Annette” fashion I was very honest about why I had placed so little attention to my teeth: (fear of the pain, I didn’t have insurance, etc., etc.)


There is/was no judgment at this office by anybody, (another one of my issues!).They are in the business of making me beautiful from the inside out. And this is what made me beyond comfortable with treatment, and believe me, we’re doing everything. Dr. Hercules kind of chuckled when I told him that I “did have braces when I was 16,” and then he said, “And I bet they also said you only had to wear your retainers for 2 years, right?” Umm, yes.


He then shared how techniques have really changed throughout the years and what I “got” from that was exactly what I needed to know, hear and understand- -Dr. Hercules has truly taken a step above and sought out the absolute best forms of treatment for his clients. For me it’s pretty simple, he practices what he preaches, but also has chosen his profession because he really does care about the well-being of his patients. He takes his time, and it was amazing how even the needle didn’t bother me. It’s called integrity. His heart is in what he does, period

See for yourself here: Who is Dr. Hercules Real?


Oh and I just got fitted for Invisalign “braces” too. See it here: What is Invisalign?


I can’t say enough about the comfort I feel at the dentist now. It’s like when people tell me “I should have started training years ago but was afraid.” I understand, and for me, it’s about my teeth! At the very basic and most important level (for me), I need them to chew to survive. And in addition to that, of course I want to have a pretty smile- -forever!


Thank you so much Dr. Hercules Real, really.


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