I’m considered a cycle pus$y

I’m considered a cycle pus$y!


Right into it we go- -I am signing up for this year’s AIDS Life Cycle ride. It’s in June. It’s from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Its 545 miles in 7 days.


I know , read it again! I decided to do it not because of the cause although a great one, but because well …..I can. Do I have a bike or any equipment? No. Do I have any riding experience on the road? Pssssh- -No! I ride in the safe, clean, neat and tidy indoors for cryin out loud, I’m considered a cycle pussy! Do I even own a pair of padded cycle shorts? No. Have I ever ridden farther than 30 miles in one shot? No. Of course it’s gone through my head, “What if I fail?” What if I crash, what if I get flat tires? What if I don’t even get a bike- -one that I will use again for causes? What if I don’t raise enough money? What if ….


Can you hear yourself saying the same thing when it comes to my other emails about training with us at 5:30am? “What if I can’t keep up? What if I’m the biggest one there? What if I can’t get up that early? What if she thinks I’m a wuss? What if, what if what if…………….?”


Read this from a current client who started with us in January, “I want to see if instead of the 3 month deal I am getting, can I switch it to 6 months?” (Annette back for a sec- -this also rewards her extension with a lower rate!). “I wasn’t sure if I could get my lazy self out of bed for the 5:30 trainings, but I’m really liking them. I think 6 months is also a more realistic goal for me physically before I go off on my own more. Plus, it’s a better b-day present  🙂 .” Nothing could wipe the smile off my face after reading her email. She wasn’t sure- -but did it anyway and guess what?? NOW SHE KNOWS she has slayed the 5:30am dragon, and it taking control of her Self.




You can do the same here, regardless of your doubts. You’re so convinced of failure you are becoming your very own self-fulfilling prophecy.


Find a different energy and prophecy with us here. We begin our Spring Training 2012 tomorrow, where we will be ready for Spring Break before Spring Break! Your only failure is not taking action. I have an app by Dr. Wayne Dyer, it’s a daily calendar app, and this was my message from Saturday, January 28, 2012:







As far as me and the AIDS Life Cycle- –

  • I believe the Universe has got my back.

  • The bike & equipment of my choice will come my way because

    • I believe

    • I work my a$$ off

    • When I hear and feel divine inspiration I take action


Do I still entertain the false premise that I will fail?




I see myself on the road with my new bike, my fave music on my new ipod Nano (that I don’t have yet), enjoying the amazing scenery, burning a ton of calories each day, tearing up as I connect to myself and the abundance of my life, having raised thousands of dollars for research, having conversations with my body, muscle by muscle, power system by power system, encouraging them and thanking them for happily working for me as we massage out every night after we hobble to set up our tents for sleep, (yes, I talk to my body all the time, we’re buddies). If I crash I’ll rub some dirt on it and get back on. If I get a flat well….I’ll change it! I’ll stay hydrated and fed, while truly enjoying the 545-mile journey.


See yourself as you want to see yourself as I just did above. Take the event and feel the emotion as you’re participating in the event of choice. Connect them together and you simply cannot fail. See it. Feel it. Smile as you daydream about it. And when you hear that little voice in your ear that says, “Go for it,” act on that divine inspiration. Each time you do, your life becomes what you dream of.


Spring Training 2012. Did it whisper in your ear and you ignored it? Take action by clicking here.


YOU are your most powerful and abundant resource for change, and you’ll never know what you can do…..until you “do.”





P.S. I was chicken about running my first ½ marathon two years ago, and in doing, in the OJT (on the job training- -the best kind), I did it. So can you by starting here     

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