Corporate Wellness

Why corporate fitness and wellness programs are important

Why set up a corporate fitness and wellness program?

The trend of concern for our health has even extended into the workplace. More employers are realizing that the health of their employees is directly related to their productivity and thus the profits of the business.

By taking the time to set up a fitness and wellness program, employers are able to affect their employees in a positive manner, boosting morale and helping everyone at the same time. Here are the ways these programs are helping.

Fewer sick days

With the inception of corporate fitness and wellness programs, employers are helping to lower the overall incidence of illness in the workplace. When employees are able to get treatment for their illnesses on site or able to exercise in the work gym, employees are able to increase their immune system response, leading to less sick days and increased productivity. When the employees are around the office more, they can get more done.

There is a huge demand for qualified personal trainers to provide health and fitness seminars to employees. I take this seriously! It’s your company’s bottom line and productivity at stake. I offer an amazingly simple and detailed online personal training program that can be used by your company.

Less stress

In the same vein as fewer sick days, employees who have access to a corporate fitness and wellness program are able to find help for their frustrations by working out and aren’t calling in for mental health days or needing extended periods of time off.

This applies to upper levels of management as well. Those in high stress positions that are able to workout or find other means of stress relief programs don’t have the propensity to be as stressed out. With areas for exercise as well as yoga classes or massage facilities, employees can release their frustrations and stresses instead of
holding it in.

You may be thinking, “Whoa, too much money is needed for those programs to be implemented at my company!” I understand that concern and that is why I want you to take a serious look at my online personal training programs. They are effective- both personally and financially!

Less turnover

When you’re able to access a corporate fitness and wellness program, you can vent your work frustrations in physical ways as well as emotional ways, leading to less turnover. People aren’t seeking out other jobs as a way to escape the stress, rather they are re-channeling that stress and able to let go of it.

And when you include all of the employees in the same program, there’s a sense of helping each other out – that no one is alone. People tend to work out their problems quicker and in a more positive manner, leading to less miscommunication and frustration.

More productivity

With corporate fitness and wellness programs, employees are healthier, less stressed and more satisfied with their jobs. This makes them better employees as well as more productive. These are employees that want to do well because they’re being treated well – so treat them well!

These kinds of employees tend to be more energetic and able to finish more work in a given day as well as be able to consistently maintain high levels of productivity. They are able to put in overtime when necessary as well as late hours because they have the motivation to do so.

When you employ a corporate fitness and wellness program, all employees feel as though the company really cares about them and their health. Add to that the fitness and health benefits and you can see how these programs are making the companies that institute them more productive and profitable.