How’s it been working for you?

How's It Been Working For You?       Procrastinating to get the 800-page book read for your final in three days. Charged another outfit to your card that you cannot afford, nor do you need it, but the rush of hunting it down and finding it on sale gives you instant gratification, getting you that much closer to filing bankruptcy. Committing to another relationship so you wouldn’t be alone … [Read more...]

3 Steps on How to Make Fitness as Important as Your Next Bottle of Wine

  How to make fitness as important as your next bottle of wine, or planning your next vacation, your kids’ weekend tournaments and weeknight games, your next concert, your daughter’s wedding, girl’s or boy’s night out or an evening at the park with the outdoor movies - and like it.   Physical fitness, from my perspective as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for the last forever, has … [Read more...]

Fitness goes way beyond tennis shoes

  . Fitness goes way beyond tennis shoes, doesn’t it?   Let’s go back to 1972. This is the year I began to remember things clearly as a child. I remember the discipline put on us as we grew, and the time passed. I remember the anger I felt. I remember the plans I made to run away, pack jelly sandwiches and hop on a train car like a hobo. I remember somehow knowing the truth about things and using … [Read more...]

Who Says Fitness Stops with Tennis Shoes, Gym Classes, Keto and Protein Shakes?

Who Says Fitness Stops with Tennis Shoes, Gym Classes, Keto and Protein Shakes?           Fitness can be this----------->             .       Or it can be this---------------->             And it can be everything in between. Times one hundred! Billion!   Well it is my pleasure to inform you that: You’re doing just fine. There are no mistakes. What you’re experiencing is all part of the … [Read more...]