Don’t EVER let anyone talk you out of your dreams

What does that mean? •You're the 1st in your family to show desire to go to college and the responses you get are: ~ Why? You're not happy working the family business?? ~ Oh you think you're too good to stay here with us? ~ There's NO way you can afford it. ~ Oh no, I don't think so, you won't pass anyway • You have always dreamed of owning a hair salon and the immediate backlash from … [Read more...]

Momentum Shifting

I wanted to share probably the biggest momentum shift-changing behavior you could ever imagine.  :) And your rewards will be as great as your effort to it. It truly 'can' be simple, and then on the other hand, its only as simple as the 'allowance' of it is. Allowance? Yes, the allowance of belief. A "belief" is a chronic thought pattern, be it positive OR negative, that one chooses … [Read more...]