What I told my cycle class last night

What I told my cycle class last night.   Weight loss—the biggest desire that seems like such a tough thing to achieve for many and why? Excuses. The bottom line: we can do anything we commit to and find important enough, right? Let’s have a look at the yearly cycle, and we’ll start with right now, October: October- -“Welp, missed the Labor Day weight loss idea in September but, … [Read more...]

The best thing I could have ever done

The best thing I could have ever done. Let me set you up with a little personal history…. I was born in the waiting room in the hospital, mom wasn’t even admitted yet. I came out in a cool 15 minutes screaming, “everybody outta my way I am HERE!” (Shocker) Since then I have been labeled many things that continually leaned on the side of “miss independent,” and yes, I prided myself, to a … [Read more...]

Prada purse, Coach bags and Balls

Who said you had to starve and be deprived on a cleanse? . You did. . That’s the mindset that has been adopted by you because of the control you’re giving those that spread their experience when they did their cleanse. Secondly… . You weren’t ready, you weren’t prepared, you had no support, coaching or follow up. And then you quit halfway through, the guilt got a hold of you so … [Read more...]

What kind of vitamins should I take?

Wouldn't it be great to actually "know" the answer to this, or at the very least, some guidance? . Here's the answer, it depends.    :) . 1. What is your age category? 2. How much sleep do you, or don't you get? 3. What kind of stress do you engage in daily at and because of your job, home life, love or lack of love life? 4. Do you exercise? 5. Are you … [Read more...]