What I told my cycle class last night

What I told my cycle class last night.   Weight loss—the biggest desire that seems like such a tough thing to achieve for many and why? Excuses. The bottom line: we can do anything we commit to and find important enough, right? Let’s have a look at the yearly cycle, and we’ll start with right now, October: October- -“Welp, missed the Labor Day weight loss idea in September but, … [Read more...]

The best thing I could have ever done

The best thing I could have ever done. Let me set you up with a little personal history…. I was born in the waiting room in the hospital, mom wasn’t even admitted yet. I came out in a cool 15 minutes screaming, “everybody outta my way I am HERE!” (Shocker) Since then I have been labeled many things that continually leaned on the side of “miss independent,” and yes, I prided myself, to a … [Read more...]

The third roll of back fat

The third roll of back fat? Yes, read on….   Making a decision to do something, especially for your Self, can be, strangely, the hardest thing- -why is that?   The list of excuses is endless, right? Allow me to share a few: IF I didn’t have a wife and family… IF I had enough pull… IF I had money… IF I had a good education… IF I could get a … [Read more...]