TWENTY (20) 30 minute training sessions, (1-on-1 trainings) at 30% off! Yes you read right:

  • Twenty times at the gym

  • 1-on-1 trainings with me

  • 30 minutes of awesome fat-burning training

  • At 30% off


This offer is for you if:

  1. You find value in discounts

  2. You believe trainers should give discounts on their specialties- -even though you would throw a fit if your job decided to pay you less because they felt you should take discounted pay- -and you will still receive impeccable service from me. I do not discount my 1-on-1 rates, I feel my service is among the elite in the industry. In addition, I won’t ever discount my service to you, as some trainers do after people come in after a discounted rate.

  3. You’ve been taking a bootcamp and now you want a change in your trainings.

  4. You want to join a bootcamp but do not feel confident enough yet, like you “can’t keep up” and would like to build your strength and endurance.

  5. You don’t have an hour to spend at the gym but you do want to get some great training in.

  6. You want to know you are doing the exercises correctly, so when you do go to the large-group, run-around-in-the-dark-field-hoping-you-don’t-fall-into-a-gopher-hole-and-twist-your-ankle-or-do-so-many-squat-jumps-you-turn-numb-for-a-week-unsupervised bootcamps you are 100% positive that you will are less prone to injury and all-the-way prone to results.

  7. You don’t feel you’re getting the attention at the large bootcamps where the majority of the bootcamp group is in their 20’s where killing themselves is the deal of the day – -and you’re not in your 20’s and want a more personal touch.

  8. You want to build a consistency of exercise and feel that 20 times will help do the trick.

  9. You have a parent, grandparent or child who will not listen to you as you badger them about getting some movement in during the day, to take a stroll outside or to get their a$$es off the electronics and get some sun. (By the way, they won’t listen to you….you’re too close and your intense hope for their betterment continues to come off as “badgering.” It’s super-common, nothing to worry about, let it go and let them play with me, I’m a “trainer” and can spend the time on a gentle walk around the block. They’ll appreciate the time out and will vent on me. It’s my pleasure to be a sounding board. 🙂

10. You are skeptical about getting results in “just 30 minutes.” I hear it all the time. Listen, you do your part and 30 minutes will suit just fine.


My normal 30-minute 1-on-1 rates are here



30 Minute Training Sessions

Times Per Week

# of Session Per Month

Price Per Month

2 x $40



3 X $35



4 X $30



5 X $25




And as you can see the training special is focused on the 20-session monthly training rate of $500.


  • $500 X 30% off = $150

  • $500 – $150 = $350

  • $350 / 20 trainings = $17.50 per training (notice my normal 30 minute/20 trainings rate is $25 per training)

The details:

  • This is a payment/commitment up front and in full offer.

  • 14 years of age and up

  • Offer does expire, 75 days after our first training, that’s 2.5 months to take advantage of this offer, twenty (20) 30-minute trainings that will get you results.

  • This offer applies only to the 20 X 30-minute trainings.

  • This offer for purchase ends June 22.




I personally believe anything less than 30% off isn’t much to turn my head at, and right now it’s the right thing to do which, I don’t see a lot of it going around. 



Jump in on this offer, it is the right thing to do for you.


Annette Padilla

Certified Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach

(562) 650-2395