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Usana Health Science Products Leave You Feeling Amazing!

Hello! I am really happy that you found this page about Usana Health Science products. I am a BIG fan of their company. I regularly use and recommend their products to my personal training clients, friends and family. I also use USANA products!

Below are a few of my absolute favorite items. You can click on any of the links and be taken directly to the Usana Health Science website. From there you can learn about their skin care line, vitamins and other products.

My Favorite Products!


This is one of the Usana Health Science products that I can safely say is one of the best products I have ever tried in the form of a cleanse.

Many engage in body cleanses for the mere fact of weight loss, but don’t really know where to go once the process is complete, and sadly, turn back to what caused the initiation  of the cleanse in the first place, poor eating habits.

RESET 5-day High Fiber Cleanse has a wonderfully friendly process to help redirect habits and provide attainable, achievable results where one of the greatest side effects is weight loss, permanently!

RESET 5-day High Fiber Cleanse gets to the root of our weight loss issues, insulin resistance. I won’t get too deep into it, but once the inner body is realigned it begins to work like a well-oiled machine. My favorite testimony of all is of a friend of mine, we’ll use “Miranda.”

She has lupus, and it attacks her kidneys. Before the diagnosis, Miranda was more vibrant than any other person I know. She participated in my classes, I trained her, Miranda was a woman of not only physical strength but mental vigor. For over a year she has been off and on various medications/prescriptions that drove her body in and out of delusional sensations of mental anguish, physical desperation to hold onto life, and that nobody understood the sudden impact of her personal loss of energy and vitality.

Miranda, after being sick and tired of being sick and tired, took one of the greatest risks anybody dependent on medications can do … she quit taking them! She got her doctor involved and with his blessing, Miranda dropped all meds and jumped on the RESET 5-day High Fiber Cleanse wagon! Since then she has not returned to the chains of synthetic medications, but rather chose a lifestyle change of healthy eating- the very thing that the RESET 5-Day High Fiber Cleanse teaches you to do! It not only aids in the weight loss desire~ and success, but following what the RESET 5-day High Fiber Cleanse teaches you can be true testament & healing to your system, and that equals… QUALITY OF LIFE!


You too can start a life of freedom with the USANA 5-Day High Fiber Cleanse Challenge! See it here: USANA RESET Challenge



This is another fabulous Usana Health Science item that I simply have to recommend and of course, I use it, the Health Pak 100!

The Health Pak 100 is an item, or vitamins rather, that are a phenomenal and powerful mix of nutrients that the body needs, (that is why they are called essentials, meaning they are manufactured in the body in insufficient quantities or not at all, and usually supplied by dietary protein), that provide an unlimited amount of energy that I could not believe!!

A brief story of my personal experience…

This is what I tried before the Usana Health Science RESET CLEANSE mentioned above. I could NOT believe how incredibly good I felt! Usually by weeks end I feel pretty tired from the classes taught during the week, but in my boredom I wanted to be a student and not only a teacher, so I began taking cycle classes on Saturday mornings, and this was after my normal 5-12 classes a week, AND the CORE Board class that I already teach at 8am on Saturday’s!

Normally, heavy-legged and exhausted, I forged on. Then …. I tried the Health Pak 100!! I started taking them 2 days before the class, and that’s only because that’s when they arrived, and OH MY GOD I felt like I could fly- really!

My energy was unmatched and I simply could NOT believe it! The vitamins are filled with powerful nutrients, like other vitamins are, but the % of nutrients are what is lacking in traditional vitamins. USANA vitamins, on a scale of 1-100, have 96.1% PURE STUFF, vs. say, Centrum “Performance” coming in with a bleak 5.2%. These facts are published and I have the manual… it’s cool! I am a HUGE skeptic, but now I’m sold!!!