A personal mess and redemption

It’s pretty consistent across the board that when I teach classes or train people, it is expected of me to deliver a power-packed session, right?

I mean if I tone it down a bit people ask me after, “Umm, are you feeling okay today?” It’s almost comical because I think people believe I don’t eat or sleep or something! (Truth is I eat a lot, both quantity and frequency, and I’m in bed by 9:30pm daily. I need to take a nap if I’m going out on the weekend, I only go out on Saturday’s cause any other night wrecks my 4:30am to 5:30am wake up time the next day to go train people, and I have zero problem napping anytime of the day and sleeping well at night. )

Perhaps it’s due to my attitude eh?

The “all go no quit,” “never surrender you can make it,” “I own the universe” kind of thing?

Well, all I can say about that is I must have been some kind of warrior, general or military being in prior lives because obviously, the behavior and mentality seem to come easily!

These characteristics have always been with me, since I was born. Actually I was born in the waiting room in about 15 minutes, (and screaming), and I’ve carried this “stands with fists” thing even when young while walking around with a 103 degree temperature.

Tough little thing.

All this to say that even though I may “seem” like all is good ALL the time, it’s not….until I reach higher.

I believe we all have and utilize a higher power, and we all have the names we like for them, and we utilize and call upon that higher power for guidance, peace, prosperity, etc.

I use a ton of affirmations, I meditate, I do fire or prana breathing, create quiet places to calm the fire within me that helps me find balance, (for you astrologists I was born a triple fire sign), I light fires (cool huh??) and I read books! Some of my faves:

  • “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

  • “Money and the Law of Attraction,” by Abraham Hicks

  • “The Go Giver,” by Bob Burg and John David Mann

  • “You Were Born Rich,” by Bob Proctor

  • “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dan Kennedy

  • “Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom,” by Christiane Northrup MD.

  • “Creating Affluence,” by Deepak Chopra.

I stay away from anything that will create “noise” in the form of complaining people or less-than-nurturing and giving spirits or places, I use goddess cards, work with Shamans and energy medicine, and other things.

And it’s good.

I experience very little worry, doubt, fear, stress or the like, and I am constantly reminded that I truly AM worth, that I DO deserve only the best. I nurture only wealth of health, I am healthy without meds because I believe that whatever I am feeding energy into, that’s what I will receive, so I feed only health into my head. I don’t “fight” a cold coming on, I simply ignore it because I’m not about to “feed” any thoughts that “OH NO I’m gonna be sick in 2 days, and then for another week, what kind of antibiotics should I go get,” etc., etc., etc., and I go to work, teach classes and live life as normal.

The cold never comes, symptoms dissipate and all is well.

That’s belief.

I’d trip many of you out with other beliefs that I own if I continued sharing, (well, not all of you and you know who you are XOXOXO), but the point I’m making here is that all my ”voodoo beliefs and practices,” (I’ve been told I’m a little weird and practice voodoo), drive what I do.

It’s the belief you hold that drives you as well.

The current belief that the media makes a killing with is “OMG THE FLU IS COMING THE FLU IS COMING THE FLU IS COMING GET YOUR FLU SHOT NOW!!”

I don’t get flu shots because here again, I believe my body does heal itself and the less attention I put to HAVING a problem that NEEDS a flu shot or antibiotic, the less I’m feeding that idea. So basically I starve the ideas that don’t serve, and they don’t happen.

So how did all this crazy belief happen?

Well first at birth, raised with very little as we couldn’t afford medication so our medication came from the only thing we knew: “get dressed, you’re going to school and we’ll see how you feel when you get home from school.” “Ummm…..“okay.”  I don’t think we ever missed a day??

Then as we grew and absorbed societal and media beliefs, my beliefs also shifted to what I was being inundated with, forgot where I came from and ended up in a crapload of mess!

And then I found an anchor to get me grounded again, to undo the damaging thought patterns, the blame, shame, guilt and anger that materialized in some pretty colorful life happenings AKA “personal mess,” and now I’m re-routed in my beliefs to a place that I can make whatever I want my feelings to be, resulting in my success, in all areas.

The anchor was/are my spiritual beliefs and practices.

It started here: www.melindaallec.com

And it continually grows, expands and flourishes.

I’m currently working through something that in most cases, would floor anybody, including me BUT……

It’s different this time, and I know it. I can feel it.

And the redemption from this one is gonna feel GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

(That’s my angel of redemption–ain’t she pretty??)

This is the same change in belief that I speak of when I train people, teach classes and coach people.

The belief that you DO matter.

To change the belief a few things need to be re-routed, like your sense of deservancy and worthiness to accept better. It’s much like a person who is physically and or mentally abused but do not leave the place or person doing the abusing, and one would ask, “Well WHY would they stay there?”  They don’t leave because they don’t believe they deserve better.

Why do heavy people repeatedly lose weight then gain it back then give up?

They don’t believe they deserve better in the first place.

Belief + action = success.

The change in belief can start within you, and if you don’t know how to change it on your own, go here: www.melindaallec.com.

The change in your belief AND action can further here: http://absolute-fitness-results.com/boot-camp-wtrainer-annette.html

Belief- -it’s entirely up to you to maneuver, and that’s the good news!

In awesome health,



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