How Often Can I Do A Cleanse?

How often can I do a cleanse?

Well to keep things in perspective, check this out:

  1. A cleanse is to release blockages in the body, so that when our system runs clean, it is enabled to run on all cylinders.
  2. It has been studied that at any given time, the average adult carries around a decent 20lbs of garbage in their system, and it resides in the intestinal tract. (sexy)
  3. Because of this stuff hangin around in the IT (intestinal tract), and the additional clogging foods we continue to eat, it results in an inflammation of the intestinal wall. It means bloat. It means belly fat.  It’s again because the lining of your intestines is swollen, and they’re swollen by salty, greasy, cheesy, sugar-filled foods and beverages.
  4. In addition to this and because of the clogging foods, the body becomes insulin resistant
    1. Insulin is a hormone and it lives in our pancreas.
    2. Insulin has profound effects on metabolism
    3. When insulin becomes resistant, (meaning the body can no longer absorb it), the body cannot metabolize or “use” fat as fuel, and it results in the body simply getting fat.
    4. Insulin resistance happens when cells, such as muscle and fat, stop being receptive to insulin, and it’s a major cause of type 2 diabetes
    5. And that is the VERY simple

For more on insulin go here: Wikipedia Info on Insulin

So the answer is this- -if you’d prefer to keep your body in the constant stress of swinging from poor eating habits to shocking  it with continual cleansing, you can absolutely do that!  🙂 All your body will do is find another way to adapt to the stress, and that usually means extra doses (from your own body), of the stress hormone, cortisol, to keep a little extra fat in the body to rough through the stress you’re placing on it.

How does RESET help all this?


  1. RESET is a low-glycemic cleanse (“Glycemic” means sugar).
  2. Sugar is in just about everything we eat.
  3. Foods have different levels of sugar.
  4. Sugar is in the form of carbohydrates.
  5. Carbohydrates are in just about everything we eat.
  6. There are desireable, less desireable and least desireable carbohydrates.
  7. RESET cleans out the system and “RESETs” it to burn fat as fuel.
  8. Once the system is clean, the chemicals that WANT to be released CAN be released, namely insulin, and it keeps you balanced, along with our happy hormones and all the beautiful hormones we store in our brain!
  9. Once the hormones and chemicals are released into the body, our moods change, we can think clearly and an overall “refreshing” takes place. You are RESET into how your body wants to treat you and its fabulous!
  10. This goes for men and women. Boys….you have hormones.  😉

So back to how often can you do a cleanse:

  1. Cleanses are widely abused, putting the body in another imbalanced situation, namely to “lose weight.”
  2. That results in another yo-yo effect, frustration and greater weight-gain after the cleanse, irritability, worry, guilt and more binges to soothe the pain. OW.
  3. You are your own master so it’s not up to me to tell you what to do but I will say, safe cleansing happens once, maybe two times per year.
  4. When you cleanse the idea is to continue the lifestyle you started with the cleanse in the first place- –if there was education, support and follow up in the cleanse that you chose.
  5. And many cleanses do NOT educate on how to continue in balance but rather, have some ugly-tasting shakes, or swallow some pills and that is that.
  6. So the biggest question is after most cleanses is: “what do I do after the cleanse?”

This is where the RESET Challenges step in!

See the excitement here: I’d like to know more about the RESET Challenge

The RESET Challenge will put you back in balance alleviating the stressful pendulum-swinging. The coaching the RESET Challenge provides will create a belief that you CAN keep a discipline to yourself, for life, wherever you are. Yes, really.

I get SO excited to share, educate and motivate on the how’s and what’s after the cleanse is done- -and I get to do it from the day you choose to meet the deadline of the upcoming RESET Challenges, all the way through to the end, and then some!

That’s the reason FOR the deadlines:

  • You commit
  • You receive coaching for two weeks prior
  • And then we begin the Challenge in the third week- –on purpose- –to ensure you’re delivered everything you need, in another week of coaching during the cleanse, all beautifully wrapped in  loving, accepting energy and support.

Creating what we want stems from knowing what we don’t want.  And I know you do not want to be lugging around an extra belly around the one you already have.

The decision to make is whether or not you want to treat yourself in a manner that completely serves and enhances the awesome person you are, but maybe you cannot see it yet (BUT I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!!), or if you want to self-sabotage it with a mindset of “maybe,” “I want to but,” or “I can’t because.”

The time is now.

Yes it is.

Click here: The RESET Challenge–sounds interesting!

And all will be well,



  1. Hi.. I just wanna say that I did a cleanse when a nutritionist told me how to do it the way he knew. It was apple juice w/phosfood liquid, to drink that for 3 days, then on the third day, drink 1 cup organic extra virgin olive oil with 1 cup classic coke and one fresh squeezed lemon n drink all down then lie down for 30 minutes. They say it takes about 8 hrs to move your bowels. Anyways I did that, but I don’t believe it cleaned me out well enough. I was having gallbladder issues before that n now they’ve gotten more intense.I was wondering if I could do another cleanse, but I don’t think that’s feasible after I read your story/article. Do you have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated. You can email me too as I’m not sure I’ll be able to navigate back here..I’m not too literate on the
    Thanks for your time
    Best wishes
    Jill Hasselbach Villalba

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