Great Expectations

Do you ever say, said, think or thought these things:

“I’m not thriving because I was born into the wrong environment. I’m not thriving because my parents didn’t thrive, so they couldn’t teach me how to do it. I’m not thriving because I was cheated, because I’m not worthy, because I didn’t live the right way in a past life, because my government ignores my rights, because my husband doesn’t do his part….because because because.”

Does that story sound like one that will set you up for anything OTHER than sadness, emotional labor, scraping for everything you have, fear you’re gonna lose it and blame if you do?

The above quote came directly from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction, Learning to Attract Wealth, Health and Happiness,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the teachings of Abraham.

In reference to the other day’s blog, “momentum shifting,”, this is a GREAT opportunity to find a different story to the one above, and set oneself up for great expectations.

I WILL say that, this change in story-telling may take some time because we have been so conditioned to believe what we see actually IS, rather than nurturing great emotions that we FEEL, that some of you might think I’m crazy asking you to ‘tell a different story!’ Pssssh!!

I used to think the same of others.

However, I’m only as crazy as my giggly heartbeat that I wake up to daily.  🙂

I practice this momentum shift, this change in story every single day–OFTEN in the day because I ‘see’ things that are not pleasing and when I DO see, all the attention I give to the non-pleasing thing makes me feel poorly; mentally and physically, and why would I want to allow that?


So instead I tell a different story of what ‘I’ want to see.

I tell that story and it gets bigger and better, bigger and better, bigger and better, until I find relief.

And relief is gooooood.

And once relief is achieved, the opening for great expectations appears!

Actually, that opening is always there, but the path is often clouded by the quote above at the beginning of this blog.

Personal example story #1:

“My client base is pretty small. My income won’t move unless more people come. Oh but the economy, everybody is suffering, everybody is singing the same song, cutting out personal training as they believe its a luxury (always 1st thing to go–why IS that??). How am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to have a life of freedom without money? I need to work harder. Hmmm, maybe I’ll rally up a new group to train at 4am, that way everybody who says 530am is too late, that excuse is removed. I gotta work more, I gotta work harder, I gotta work more, I gotta work harder…..Yeeeesh are you KIDDING!? 4am?? That would KILL me!”

Or would it? Its just another opportunity for a mind set/momentum-shift–if I really wanted to do it, right?

Story #2:

“Yes my client base is small but, you DID ask for small groups to keep everybody safe and provide a higher level of integrity to the trainings, and look at the clients you DO have: they have injuries both mental and physical, and you DO get to serve them BECAUSE your bootcamps are smaller. The economy is NOT bad for everybody, there’s money out there, its everywhere. How do you think people are still taking their families to Disneyland, week-long vacations, cruises, weekend trips, going out to dinner, celebrating birthdays, etc., etc., etc? THERE IS MONEY.” As long as I am passionate about what I do, and do what I do for the main purpose of serving others, the clients will come. My lifestyle breathes freedom as it is, and I have opportunity daily to tweak and adjust to make it exactly what/how I want! And remember Annette, smarter, not harder. You’ve already been to the “fired to the wood” defeat, and it didn’t serve you. If you’re not healthy all the way around, nobody else is. Today is the day I choose, period, and I choose good-feeling thoughts and keep my mind conditioned by balance.

There, all better.  🙂 

Peace of mind brings good-feeling thoughts. Good feeling thoughts bring awesome beliefs. Awesome beliefs bring clarity. Clarity brings great expectations. Great expectations bring great accomplishments.

Feel the relief, tell a different story, and expect greatness!

In awesome balance,

Annette.  🙂

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