“I feel good about myself and have fun doing it!”

“I have commitment issues. I get easily bored. Walking on the treadmill or spending a half hour on the cross trainer gets old really quick, not to mention I had no idea if what I was doing was the right exercise for the type of results I wanted. After awhile, I start to skip workouts making excuses why I can’t go until finally I quit all together.

Annette’s class offered me the kind of discipline I lacked and the variety of exercise I desired. I have to be honest when I say; it wasn’t the 5:30am hour that made me pick up the phone. I just want the same things that I imagine any other person wants: I want to loose weight, build strength, and feel better about myself. Don’t let the early time scare you.

Believe me when I say you wake up real quick as soon as the workout begins, and you are done before the morning rush hour gets under way. The small class size allowed me to really get the full benefit of the class–learning better technique, nutritional information, and not to mention the camaraderie I gained with my fellow Breakfast Clubbers. Already I feel better about myself and my clothes look better too.

And you should see the impressed looks I get when I tell people what I do at 5:30 in the morning! Annette’s class is hard-work, informative, but most importantly, I feel good about myself and have fun doing it. I have taken from the class much more then I anticipated. I would without hesitation love to take the class again.”

-Crystal Ceballos
(5:30am Circuit Training participant)

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