“I’m glad I went to the gym, I got a great work out in today!”

“I have been taking spin classes since 1999 and throughout the years that I have been working out at the gym (including different states), there is only a handful of trainers that I would really commit to taking a class from. As a first impression, you could sense a genuine attitude from Annette that she really loves what she is doing and knows what she is talking about. Not only does she teach the class well & getting everyone motivated, but she does the workout along with the whole class.

You know the class is good if the bikes are all taken and there’s people still trying to get in to look for an empty bike.You can count on working up a good sweat after the class and feeling good when it’s over. I often say to myself after Annette’s spin class, ” I’m glad I went to the gym, I got a great work out in today!”

I can understand why other members from the gym would follow Annette around the different locations to take her class. She is a great asset to the club!!! ”

Santa Fe Springs, CA
(Attends my indoor cycle class @ 24 Hour Fitness)

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