No, I don’t go to church

I wanted to address the elephant in the room in this particular message.


Cancer victim, diabetic, suffer from fibromyalgia, lupus, anxiety, high blood pressure, smoking, hoarding, anorexia, dialysis. Hypochondriac, agoraphobic, germ-a-phobic, alcoholic, sex addict, drug addict, gambling addict, applause addict, caffeine addict, exercising addict, food addict, relationship addict. Drama queen, attention wh*re.


The elephant in the room (all the underlined items) is “labels.”


Cut to the quick, the point is healing, wholeness, fullness, oneness, helping one another to help ourselves. Unity.


At least that’s “my” point.


Our society has become one of ideas and creation- -that created the mind set that one person is better than the other because of the brand of clothes they wear, where they live, the car they drive, who they’ll “be seen” with, what political side they rest on, the religion they believe in and heaven forbid if you don’t go to church ohhh the shame! (I don’t go to church).


As I have been talking about my endeavor in June, the AIDS Life Cycle 2012, I’ve been get the blank stares from so many people it makes me laugh out loud during the same conversations! “Annette why the AIDS ride? Isn’t it for the ummm, the uhhhh…,” as the air starts to thicken. (Insert current elephant in the room here). “Well…..why not, what do you mean” I ask? “Well, couldn’t you have picked a different cause,” as they squirm a little. “Why,” I ask, “So it will make you feel better about giving and not getting labeled? The outside judgment dictates how you live? Is it giving you the willies?” (Judgment and fear stem from what we just don’t understand)


Another blank stare. (Giggle)


I believe I have posted this before, and I will address it again, I chose this cause primarily because I was inspired by the route of the ride. 545 miles. On a bike. Outdoors. In the wonderful elements. Tears of connection. Breathing of the soul. Feeding of my spirit.  Feeling my true self as a vibrational being. Doesn’t it sound delish? Donate here.


Now for the cause and the elephant in the room.



(Healing, wholeness, fullness, oneness, helping one another to help ourselves. Unity)


Just like the ga-zillion other causes, this screams healing, wholeness, fullness, oneness, helping one another to help ourselves. Unity.


Just because it’s not close to home doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. What matters (to me), is pure, simple and organic:  healing, wholeness, fullness, oneness, helping one another to help ourselves. Unity. And I am asking for your help in this cause.


Remove the labels.


See the purpose, the big picture.


I will be keeping you informed of my progress in my fundraising as we go, and this is another opportunity to see the big picture and give in the cause of healing, wholeness, fullness, oneness, helping one another to help ourselves and unity, by donating to my 545-mile ride in the AIDS Life Cycle 2012.


Tax returns are coming in, and $5 would be enough if your child was in a hospital bed looking for a cure, if you were doing the inviting of monetary gifts. I’m going for 10,000 in donations.   🙂


Lastly, I teach for a company called Les Mills, as many of you know. Our bottom line message is “One Tribe.”


Well I really believe it.




P.S. Living in abundance & wholeness comes in many forms; one of those forms is through the showing of appreciation of giving monetarily. Your job pays you as a “thank you” and in appreciation for the job well-done. Show your appreciation by giving in the AIDS Life Cycle 2012 here. It will come back around.


  1. Lillian Chacon says

    My props to you Annette…! I love challenges! I love helping and supporting others with their needs and challenges!
    Life is too short to go around judging and descriminating against others. I believe in unity and peace. People that judge and descriminate are disappointing and hurtful…..AND truth be told, they are not happy people!
    Wishing all good health, peace and love!

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