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Hello Fitness Fanatics!


This is written especially for this group, and I really mean that- -I am not posting this as a public article on my website, but if you clicked on the link provided, you must be in the Fitness Fanatics Group!


As a trainer the VERY common thread with people is “watching from the outside” left to enjoy the surface of messages delivered, loving the pictures posted and the activities of many, with no real understanding of a given event or focus…with a perceived lack of direction to join in and reap the benefits. What the hell am I talking about?! The MORNING CRUNCH. A burning question I can hear is, “Well, what do they actually ‘do’ there?” Next is the perceived lack of direction to join in and reap the benefits meaning, “I know that they exercise but if I don’t know specifically know what they do, I’m not gonna go.” Awww  c’mon now. It’s a GREAT tactic of sabotage, but if you REALLY want to know, here it is:


I take any and all of these exercise protocols and mix em, match em, confuse em. I jumble, juggle and flip them, spice em up with Tabata, and keep a constant change to the format- -because I am the queen of formatting.  🙂   I LOVE IT. No two trainings are the same, and if any of you reading this are my clients, I believe you can attest to this. Everyone works at their own level, everyone pays attention to their own Selves. I adjust the trainings according to the person coming, how much sleep they didn’t get, how much booze they had the night before, how much garbage food that has been put in the system making them sluggish and tired, how dehydrated they are, how focused they are or did they come in with a distracting emotional problem from home that day? Have they been injured but still want to work out? A LOT gets considered when I train people both as a group or 1-on-1.

The MORNING CRUNCH can be attended in two ways:

  • 16 trainings per month, every M/W/F from 5:30am to 6:30am and Sat from 7:00am to 8:00am
    • $179/mth (that’s $11.18 per guaranteed open-a-can-of-whoop-ass-and-get-results training)
    • Dropping in on any given day/s in the week
      • $10 each time you drop in

So now you know “what” we do, but one dangling sabotage tactic can still be (because I hear it all the time), is the, “well I don’t know what a kettlebell is, what is Tabata,” etc., where this questioning further concretes the idea that “I still don’t know what they do,” resulting in the once again, the perceived lack of direction to join in and reap the benefits

So here’s your call to action:

  • For the non-committals: COME AND OBSERVE A TRAINING.
  • For those that aren’t afraid of sweating: BRING YOUR $10 and COME TAKE A TRAINING
  • Don’t  I offer the “first time is FREE” training? NOPE. Do you offer “ I’m going to go to work for  8-10 hours and do it for FREE?” Exactly.

When we make a decision there is no doubt or hesitation. There is no “try.“ “Try” leaves the door open to back out. COMMIT. DEDICATE to yourself. Find RESULTS.

And one last point: many trainers don’t “see” people, they see money. I am the complete opposite. How do I mean that? Have you ever been to 24Hr Fitness or any other big box gym and felt like a piece of meat being auctioned off for personal training to the highest bidder? And watch out when it’s time to resign you; it’s called the shark attack. Not to mention they do not “know” you. They know sales. They know they have to meet a quota, a dollar, a number. This is why I know my training stands at an advantage. I know my people. We build relationships-for real. Oh don’t get me wrong, I do work at two big box gyms: 24Hr Fitness and Gold’s Gym in Fullerton–but I teach classes only. I refuse to train there. Too much politics, too much selling. I want to do what I am great at: training people. PERIOD.

This is your call to action. This is another reminder that you go at your own pace. This is for YOU to know that without a doubt, you are strong enough, you are able enough, and you are in complete control of how you live your life. Feeling great through exercise is a lifestyle.


See the MORNING CRUNCH by clicking here


Happy Day Fanatics,



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