Proactiv and a Gut Punch

Okay so the other day I truly wanted to beat the $hit outta the cart attendant (or lack thereof) at the mall.

Did you read my post on Facebook? It went like this:

“@ mall hunting down a specialty cart, (#1)finally find it. Looking 4 stuff on it, got it. Nobody to take my money. Wait 5 min, still nobody. Walk to adjacent cart (#2) asking if they knew where person from #1 went. Out from behind #2 pops out person from #1. “May I pay u for this,” I ask. (Ahem): “oh I have 6 min left on my lunch so, not right now.” Do I gut her like a fish or just walk?”

I was so angry with what I call complete lack of integrity, customer service and just doing the right thing–and seriously, it really lit me up.

I wonder what the look on my face looked like when I tossed the stuff at her and walked.

And I walked away seething.

Well my physical body is acutely aware and very in tune with how negative emotions make me feel, and this time I immediately felt like I got gut-punched.

My belly was tightening up, and it was like a little gargoyle was laughing while twisting my belly like a washcloth.

Why all the drama? I was at the Proactiv cart, feeling icky in the first place because I don’t have the best-looking skin (YET!!), I was on a time line, and then someone’s gonna throw me attitude?

Pssssh! (I SHOULDA gutted her like a fish!)

Anyhoo, in all this I created an allowance for something I didn’t want: the gargoyle gut-twisting gig.

I have clients to train later!

I gotta be all smiles, happy, encouraging, energetic and ready for THEM, not my boo-hooing about a belly ache are you kidding!?

After my Facebook post, (still with clenched fist over miss “I’m on LUNCH for 6 more minutes”), I realized I didn’t have to deal with the ache and utilized a powerful tool, and found relief:

Good thoughts promote good action.

It only took about 1 minute to change the direction of the twisty-gut punch.

My good thoughts included:

•Okay obviously she doesn’t own the cart, if the owner was here, the beheading would have been fun to watch. (I said it took me a minute to feel better!)

•Deep breath, there are plenty more places to get what you want, when you’re NOT in so much of a time line crunch.

•Aiiight, not so bad AND I will arrive to my next clients with time to spare, not rushing and creating more crap to *itch about.

•Ooooh lookie-I can practice my music for the upcoming Body Pump release–cool–cause I’ve been slacking on it.

• (And then my phone rings, which I never pick up my phone because I keep it on silent but check it incessantly)–and guess what’s on the other line? My 4pm group of clients–canceling! YAY! More time to chill, study music, read, write a blog or two and prepare an awesome training for my next 1-on-1 client!

• Wow how fortunate am I, choosing this job as a trainer where, my deliberate 12pm to 3pm breaks everyday serve me to do more than train. I get to nap, eat leisurely, go to the beach during the day if I want to, get in my own workout, forward with writing a book (yah that’s coming!), and basically feed the emotions of joy, peace, quiet, stillness, laughter and abundance, and its always at my fingertips, all I gotta do is activate my thought processes where when I do, all I experience is wealth of health, in all areas.


All that in 1 minute.

Sometimes it takes less time, sometimes it takes a little more but the point here is:

Good thoughts promote good action.

Try it sometime.

What you’ll find is eventually, you may not need the pain pills for the gut-twisting, the pill to relieve the pain pills, the pill to relieve the allergies that you can’t pinpoint but continue going after what the hell is the problem in the first place thus, putting more attention to the hunt for the problem, the other pills to counteract the oopsie allergy pills…

Getting the drift?

We have the ability to change how we feel….if we choose to change the thought process from a negative to a positive one.

By the way, the girl from the cart got fired that afternoon.

Okay I’m kidding!! I really have no idea!!

But the positive out of that negative experience including all the yummy laughter created in the bullet points above is…

I’m gonna have some beautiful skin very soon!

In deliberate creation,


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