“She doesn’t allow for excuses yet she is so inspiring”

“When I met Annette, I thought fitness had to do with a number, and a size. I quickly learned differently! Through training with Annette, I learned about the strength of not only my body, but my spirit; what I could do when I pushed myself.

This translated directly into my life as I challenged myself in all areas with a renewed confidence as to my capabilities. In the meantime, the pounds and the numbers did drop but that was an afterthought. Yes, I could fit in the size X jeans and yes I could do X push-ups but what really mattered to me was that I knew I was capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind to.

Annette establishes realistic yet challenging goals for each client. She doesn’t allow for excuses yet she is so inspiring, one couldn’t help but want to please her by doing “one more.” I laughed every time when I worked out with her and I wished the hour was longer.

Anyone who fears trainers should know that Annette is knowledgeable, innovative, and has deep compassion for everyone she trains. Annette knows she is in this to transform bodies and minds and she did just that for me.

In fact, when I found myself pregnant at the end of last summer, I knew the lessons Annette taught me would translate into this knew avenue of my life. I walked, I lifted weights and, most importantly I had a physically and emotionally healthy pregnancy, a short, uncomplicated labor, a healthy baby boy and I began to regain my shape and fitness just weeks post partum. This is due entirely to Annette’s lessons on fitness and nutrition, lessons that are priceless and last a lifetime”

– Amanda

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