I’m stuck at this weight and it seems like I’ve been here forever..ugh

I'm stuck at this weight and it seems like I've been here forever..ugh!   I hear ya, and the myriads of people, women in particular, who share this with me. In fact, this very phrase I quoted from an email sent to me just yesterday.   So what of it? I'm going to work to be concise with this one, focusing on the group of people I hear this from the most, women from about … [Read more...]

Walking in the mud

The perfect performance of your children. The best movie EVER. The thrill of victory. The magic of holding a newborn . The liberation of running in the rain. The bliss of crossing the finish line. The soothe of a melody. The playfulness of a new puppy. The stillness of holding a hummingbird. (I was blessed by this once as the hummingbird knocked itself out on my sliding glass window. I … [Read more...]

The Irony Of Commitment

DON'T Commit  to anything--EVER. I mean seriously, what's the point, right? Ever use this: "Oh I won't get too excited because if it doesn't happen or if I don't pass, I won't be that disappointed." Can you see the underlining of self-sabotage and setting oneself up with the building of the wall-of-resistance happening? Subtle. Quiet. Stealth. It creeps in and without our even … [Read more...]

Great Expectations

Do you ever say, said, think or thought these things: "I'm not thriving because I was born into the wrong environment. I'm not thriving because my parents didn't thrive, so they couldn't teach me how to do it. I'm not thriving because I was cheated, because I'm not worthy, because I didn't live the right way in a past life, because my government ignores my rights, because my husband doesn't … [Read more...]