I’m considered a cycle pus$y

I’m considered a cycle pus$y!   Right into it we go- -I am signing up for this year’s AIDS Life Cycle ride. It’s in June. It’s from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Its 545 miles in 7 days.   I know , read it again! I decided to do it not because of the cause although a great one, but because well …..I can. Do I have a bike or any equipment? No. Do I have any riding experience on the road? … [Read more...]

What the hell is taco arm?

What the hell is taco arm? What’s a taco arm? Picture a taco shell, it folds, yes? Now see the folds in these arms.   We also have bingo-arm. It’s the back of your arm all the girls point to when they say they want to “get rid of this thing right here,” that when bingo is called out with the triumphant raising of the arm in the air, it jiggles. (BINGO….flap flap flap) Two things (among a myriad … [Read more...]

“….but I just can’t seem to make it happen”

“….but I just can’t seem to make it happen.” You're kidding me, right? Clicking here for my Training Specials for 2012, you can make anything happen. But first let’s see what you do make happen:                                                                                         Taking kids from here to there. Important Shopping with money you don’t necessarily have. … [Read more...]

Lose fat first then tone up or vice versa?

Lose fat first then tone up or vice versa?   It’s the age-old question I get from the masses, and my answer is coming in a sec but first, some education… BODY TYPE. You’ve just GOT TO understand that your body type means everything when you engage in any training program; it will save a lot of head/heart ache up front, provide understanding in the middle, and an embracing of exactly what … [Read more...]

No matter what happens, I do not want to be scared anymore

What is the thing about fear?   It can be as crippling as one allows it to seem, right? Allows it to S-E-E-M.   One of my biggest fears was running- -operative word- -“was.” Now, after training and running my first half marathon, (in 2010), I am no longer afraid to run. No, it’s not my favorite thing to do and frankly, it’s not necessary for weight loss (no it’s not), and the … [Read more...]

Client before and afters: Donnie Salcedo

Donnie Salcedo I have been overweight since I can remember, because health isn’t really a concern for my culture. As an American Indian diabetes is a common illness; its not "if" you get it, but when. I learned that this mindset had to change when I became pre-diabetic. I’ve attempted about 10 x’s to lose weight and experienced some weight loss but always fell back into the same bad … [Read more...]

You CAN jump in after the deadline date for things- -if you want it bad enough

WOW! The new mind sets formed, the opportunities are being shared and plastered all over Facebook, the resolutions are being thought about, the New Year MAGIC is here- -can you feel it?? . Now listen, just because today is the day that most have chosen to find resolution in a new behavior or action, but you haven’t kept your promise to yourself already, that doesn’t mean it’s quittin … [Read more...]

Walking in the mud

The perfect performance of your children. The best movie EVER. The thrill of victory. The magic of holding a newborn . The liberation of running in the rain. The bliss of crossing the finish line. The soothe of a melody. The playfulness of a new puppy. The stillness of holding a hummingbird. (I was blessed by this once as the hummingbird knocked itself out on my sliding glass window. I … [Read more...]

The Irony Of Commitment

DON'T Commit  to anything--EVER. I mean seriously, what's the point, right? Ever use this: "Oh I won't get too excited because if it doesn't happen or if I don't pass, I won't be that disappointed." Can you see the underlining of self-sabotage and setting oneself up with the building of the wall-of-resistance happening? Subtle. Quiet. Stealth. It creeps in and without our even … [Read more...]