What I REALLY think about counting calories

What I REALLY think about counting calories (there is some fun at the end of this, keep reading)


Apparently I am not alone with what I think about counting calories; check out these “reasons” for why people don’t count them:

  • It takes too much time

    Make the time for what you want, not the excuse
  • It’s stupid

  • It doesn’t work for me

  • Oh HELL NO!

  • The watches are too expensive

  • I don’t have time


What I think:


PAIN.   IN.   THE.   ASS.


There, I’ve said it. So why do I advocate it and hammer it home often, complete with a link to a Polar Heart Rate Monitor?  (That blue font means click the link for your heart rate monitor).  BECAUSE IT KEEPS EVRYTHING ACCOUNTABLE in the effort of fat loss.


Digging a little deeper into the real reasons for the refusal to count calories the answers inevitably change to:

  • The number of calories allotted doesn’t seem like enough. (This is of course without the actual experience of using a calorie-counting method)

  • I feel like I am being deprived of food, like I can’t eat with freedom. (This is of course without the actual experience of using a calorie-counting method)

  •  I can’t eat what I want. (This is of course without the actual experience of using a calorie-counting method)




Alright so here’s the skinny-

  • Counting calories in (what you eat), and counting calories out (what you burn in exercise) removes all the doubt of not knowing what you’re going to be losing and when.

  • Counting calories shows you exactly what foods are worth. Ex: say you’re on a daily intake of 1400 calories, you have 1 slice of Costco pizza– -this will cost you 680 calories. (Not very nutritional calories at that). Versus

  •  4oz. of grilled tilapia

    • w/1 tsp. of olive oil drizzled on top

  • 2 cups baby spinach salad

    • w/1 tbsp. oil & vinegar dressing     

  • 1 slice Ezekiel bread

    • w/1 tsp. organic butter

420 calories


The pizza will put you in a food coma and add to the size of your ever-expanding gut, the grilled tilapia will energize you to continue on with a smile. Now here’s the most grossly overlooked part:



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Exercise earns you more food!!! How much more depends on what you spend (calories out) while exercising. Here’s the fun part, my actual food plan for this week Tuesday. Some helpful facts first:

  • I am on a 1200-calorie per day allowance

  • When I exercise I absolutely plan for and eat more.

  • This past Tue I did my own CXWORX class on myself, (Les Mills 30-minute core) then taught cycle class.

  • According to my Polar heart rate monitor I burned a total of 843 calories (which you will see)

  • So my calorie allowance went up to 2043 for the day.

  • You’ll also see that I didn’t eat all my calories for the day, short by 313.

  • I made half of them up the next day

  • I even count my Grey Goose calories when I drink. They all count.


The better the “kind” of calories, the better you’re going to look and feel. You can definitely live on 1400 calories of pizza a day, and you’re going to be low-energy, not firing on all cylinders, living on 5-hour energy drinks and a very unhealthy, squishy skinny fat. You can live on 1400 calories of clean, energy-efficient calories and have enough energy to spare on the pizza-eaters. The numbers don’t lie–as long as you stay within your calories for the day. Choices are there and you are in complete control as always.



The calorie tracker I use- -IT’S FREE: Trainer Annette’s calorie tracker


The heart rate monitor I use to count my energy out: Polar FT7




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Accountability rules,




P.S. Aww relax, you generally eat the same 4-5 meals daily, and you’ll only weigh and measure your food a few times until you know what you’re eating, then its smooth sailing.

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