Amy’s Transformation

It just so happened that I, Annette, decided to sub a cycle class on a Sunday, (a self-imposed and absolutely forbidden act in my lifestyle at the time), and Amy happened to be taking the class that day. Shortly after that day around July 2012, Amy decided to give me a call about personal training and we began what has turned into the true blue stuff that personal training is all about. As with … [Read more...]

Client before and afters: Donnie Salcedo

Donnie Salcedo I have been overweight since I can remember, because health isn’t really a concern for my culture. As an American Indian diabetes is a common illness; its not "if" you get it, but when. I learned that this mindset had to change when I became pre-diabetic. I’ve attempted about 10 x’s to lose weight and experienced some weight loss but always fell back into the same bad … [Read more...]

Client before and afters: Isabel Dunklin

Isabel Dunklin: In high school, she made it into the newspapers. Her athleticism and talent were that good. There was talk of college scholarships and dreams of the Olympics. Then came the knee injury that would take it all away. First, Isabel refused surgery. Then, she started to gain weight from her new and less-active lifestyle. By the time she graduated from college, she weighed over … [Read more...]

“Annette is a great motivator and innovator!”

"Annette is a great motivator and innovator. She never gets repetitive and is always learning and expanding her workout regimen. She can get more out of a half hour than most trainers get in an hour, and she makes it fun in the process. I have trained high school kids in water polo for about 8 years, and I have stolen many exercises from Annette because she knows how to strengthen and stretch in a … [Read more...]

“I’ve noticed a positive change in my mind & body!”

"Joining this circuit training session is one of the best decisions I've made for myself. I've noticed a positive change in my mind & body, in a relatively short amount of time. I feel eager to workout and make positive, healthy choices for myself. Though, I feel confident that I've learned enough to workout on my own, I plan to sign up again next month because Annette's energy and enthusiasm … [Read more...]

“I feel good about myself and have fun doing it!”

"I have commitment issues. I get easily bored. Walking on the treadmill or spending a half hour on the cross trainer gets old really quick, not to mention I had no idea if what I was doing was the right exercise for the type of results I wanted. After awhile, I start to skip workouts making excuses why I can't go until finally I quit all together. Annette's class offered me the kind of … [Read more...]

“I feel great about being proactive in my health!”

"I feel great about being proactive in my health. The craziness of the early morning schedule is offset by the empowerment of committing to it and following through. Doing this training in a class-like environment is the perfect balance of personal attention and group motivation. Annette is so knowledgeable and encouraging. My clothes are all too big now and even more than the changes I've noticed … [Read more...]

“I would absolutely encourage anyone to try it out!”

"I chose to take the 5:30 circuit training with Annette for a few reasons. First of all, I want to see changes in my body. I want to lose weight and tone, and I know that with Annette, this will happen. I have seen results in the past, and am doing so again. Also, Annette is inspirational and always encouraging. I love going to work after the early morning trainings, as I feel energetic and … [Read more...]

“After my first session I was hooked!”

"Over the years I have participated in numerous types of high impact and cardio classes and my body felt it needed a change. I first took Annette's Flexibility Class to loosen up my tight muscles and joints so I could move on to a higher level of fitness again. After my first session I was hooked. It feels like I have had a 2 hour massage after each class. Needless to say I am so excited that the … [Read more...]

“I have recommended it to friends and family members!”

"Annette's Flexibility Training can be summed up as "releasing pain and stress" in an hour. I work-out constantly and this was the only thing that soothed my aching shoulders and tight muscles. It does wonders to relax you and stretches your muscles well enough to engage in better work-outs. I have recommended it to friends and family members. If you want to make a conscious decision to start … [Read more...]